Audio Fidelity Gold CDs

Curious what the general opinion is of the Audio Fidelity Gold Cds. I did an internet search and forum searches and there doesn't seem to be much discussion. Are they worth buying, special? The DCC and MOFI were nice compared to regular issues.
Some are hit some are miss just like every thing else.
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Two worth getting are Bad Company (if you can find one) and James Taylor One Man Dog. Both sound excellent.
I can recommend the Audio Fidelity version of Randy Newman's "Twelve Songs".
I have "A Space In Time" by Ten Years After. It sounds great, if slightly psychedelic classic rock suits your tastes.
I have Phil Collins, Face Value and No Jacket Required. They don't get any play in comparison to MoFi SACD's or Vinyl.
The AF have all been very good so far bettering the redbook version in most cases.

The DCC ones I really think are outstanding are Dreamboat Annie, Blue, Elvis is Back and the Doors s/t. They are the best digital versions I have heard, and can rival vinyl, unless you analog is SOTA.

The best MFSL cds that I like are,
Goodbye Yellowbrick Road jp ultradisc
Crime of the Century jp ultradisc
Live at the Regal
Folk Singer
Blues in Orbit
Cafe Blue
Someday My Prince will Come (silver)

I have both the Ultradisc (japan) and Ultradisc II (us)of the Supertramp and Elton John.
For years, I thought MFSL COTC was a poor cd until I heard the japanese disc. It is still cut low but I beleive it is the best I have ever heard this album sound on any format.It is a very dynamic and powerful. Same for the Elton John cd. It sounds better then everything else I have heard so far.The japanese and U.S. discs do not sound the same and the japaness discs, in these two cases atleast, are outstanding IMO.

Steve Hoffman has mastered a good portion of the AF titles (along with having done many of the old DCC releases). I trust his work along with Kevin Gray and Shawn Bissell as much as anyone in remastering classic albums titles today.