Musical Fidelity A5 modded L 2: Is it worth it??

I have seen an ad for a Musical Fidelity A5 CD player that has level 2 modds done by Parts Connexion. The original A5 was issued in 2005 and retailed for $2500. I have read several positive reviews of this player IN both the original version and the "modified" version.

Besides it is reported outstanding sound, my MAJOR concern is its age and condition. Seller has been very forthcoming about its condition. He sold another MF A5 player on ebay that was modded by Steve Sank.

Would like to hear what the pro/and cons of buying an 8 year old player that was modded a few years ago. Is it worth it compared to other newer players on the market?? There is always the possibility of this player breaking down, and not able to get a new transport or laser for it because they are no longer available from MF
You said it yourself, if it breaks down you might just as well trash it. Personally, I don't like the odds.YMMV
To Schubert: Thanks for the advice. Without changing horses in mid stream, there is a Marantz S1 player on sale on AG. Have you ever heard it?? or compared to other supposedly high end players?? I have always associated Marantz with mid-f gear.

BTW, the Rega Saturn ad that was up is now expired. And, they do NOT come up that often. So beside, the Marantz, I have Sony XA5400ES; and Cambridge Audio 840C as contenders in my neurotic pursuit of better CD player. I am not interested at all in computer audio, so accessory inputs on both the Marantz and Sony may be superfluous to me.
Sony has an organic sound, Cambridge Audio has a rigid sound, Marants is tuned for classical music, concert & real life instruments.
I prefer the cold & huge sound of Denon cd players.
I agree with E, I'd buy a Marantz myself, but I'm a Classical listener.
IMHO. it doesn't make much diff if you're a rocker.