Audio Additives Stylus Force Gauge inconstantcy

I recently purchased an Audio Additives Stylus Force Gauge and it is driving me nuts. I get inconstant readings every time I lower the stylus onto the little black dot on the plate. Without moving the arm, every time I lower, raise, lower, etc., I get a different reading between 1.68 - 1.88. The batteries are new, device reads 0.000g at start up, calibration checks out using supplied weight, room temperature is 72F, no interference from tonearm lifter and everything is level.
Anyone else have this problem?
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Did you set the anti skate at 0 before you did the calibration?
Here ya go!
Another possibility is that it’s telling the truth, as in bearing issues with the arm.

No mention made of the type of tone arm.  If a unipivot that possibility is out.
Just switch to the good old reliable Shure SFG-2. Never goes out of calibration. 
The Transcriptor scale is perhaps the nicest vintage scale 
I have owned and built like a fine instrument.

That said I still need to have batteries in the drawer for
the more modern options.
What you purchased looks like a re-branded cheap scale that is sold all over ebay for under $10.  If it is giving you inconsistent readings, toss it and look for something better.  Lots of suggestions here.  I use a "MY Weigh" scale.  It is not a stylus scale and has to be fiddled with to do the job well but it has been excellent over many years.  You do not have to spend a great deal of money to get something that works well.