Assistance Identifying an Ikeda Cartridge

Trying to figure out which cartridge I got here, came to me on a Well Tempered Reference turntable.. 

Its an Ikeda with no cantilever, so one of the earlier generation cartridges I believe. It is that gold color that the 9TT is, however where the 9TT logo is there is just a kanji character. 

Vinyl engine has about 6 to choose from, but the pics are black and white and do not show the side of the cartridge where the logo is. 

Anyone got an idea which one this could be? Like I said looks exactly like a 9TT in color, but different logo and no cantilever. 


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It is either a 9tt or a 9Gss. It the top plate is silver it is a 9tt, gold then 9Gss. They probably label the cartridges differently for different markets.
Certainly without a cantilever it does not do you much good.