OK guys...if anyone can help me, I know someome here can. Unfortunately I do not have pics.
I looked at some black towers with a tweeter and 2 8" woofers each. They were 10'X 38"X 10". I was told they were $1000 each new but don't know how old they are.
The back label says: MODEL 6.2 on the top and STUDIO MONITOR at the bottom. In between it says:
Min power: 10 Watts RMS
Max power: 200 Watts
Frequency response: 40-20KHZ
Impedance: 8 ohms nom
Sensitivity: 90db
Crossover: 6500Hz 12db per octive
Bass reflex type
Black ebony finish
If anyone knows what these tell. Thanks
Those kind of sound like the infamous "White Van" speakers.
with no brand name... "White Van: sounds right. (In case one does not understand the term "white van" it refers to a joke in which a dude or dudes in a 'white van' pull up and offer to the unsuspecting fool a pair of 'special' speakers... usually $1,000. each, that they just happen to have available for $200 cash on the spot. or whatever you've got. They are nice looking upon first inspection, but are really just cheap speakers.)
So with no brand, and just a generic discription... they are white Van speakers. This means they are almost certainly NOT worth $1,000. each new.
i would suspect they could be Goodwill specials.. (A variation of "white van")
I believe they are Soliloquy 6.2s.
Funny you should mention White Van specials. A couple guys tried to sel me a pair of Vinderstines last week in the parking lot. LOL
I WISH they were Soliloquy 's. I think the Soliloquy 6.2 only has one 6" woofer, these have two 8". Thanks for the suggestion though.
One way to determine quality quickly is rapping on the box. A high quality speaker box will be dull when rapped. A cheap one will just sound like knocking on a door. The less response when knocking on all six sides, the better built box.
The best will have NO sound, just banged up fingers