Aronov LS9100 monos - upgrade to VTL Deluxe 300?

I run some Apogee Centaur Major speakers with a pair of the Aronov 110w monoblocks. I am wondering if a switch to some VTL DEluxe 300 monos would bring much of an improvement?

Would the power increase from 110 watts to 300 watts make a substantial difference in sound? The Centaur Majors have a sealed 10 inch woofer, and 40 inch ribbon mid/treble.

Any opinions on whether this might be a forward, sideways or even backwards step?
Not sure how's Deluxe 300, but most of VTLs tend to have shortest tube life and in addition heavy PCB damages if the tube is blown during operation. I think your best best for high-power amp will be Carver Silver 7.
I have been using a VTL ST-150 with the same tubes for almost two years now without a hitch. Not to say I couldn't have issues tomorrow, but it has been very reliable.

That said, it is one of the best sounding amplifiers I have owned. And there have been many. I have never heard any Aranov gear, but it certainly looks well made.

Unless your speakers are very inefficient, I would be less concerned with the power rating and more concerned with the quality of sound. And that bar is pretty high with any VTL and Manley gear that I have heard.

I couldn't agree LESS with Marakanetz, I have had MB450, MB300s, and Wotans, and only one resistor ever went bad on ONE of my three MB450's (old, black, signature models). This cost me approx. 75$ to have fixed professionally. I have WOTANS, people, and I have not had one single hiccup.

As far as "shortest tube life" I can't see how you might have come to that conclusion- My amps all were running on their original tube sets when I got them.

And you're recommending the Carver Silver Seven? I guess it takes all kinds.