Schematic for Aronov SA 60/ 960

My beloved Aronov SA 60 Power amp blew a gasket and I am looking for a Schematic for repair.
Anybody???? Help!
Good luck. I have the LS960-I integrated. Best amp I ever heard. Detailed yet sweet, bass every bit the equal of quality SS amps like the McCormack DNA-1 it replaced, a deep and wide soundstage right up there with the very best. Especially after I upgraded the power supply and all the caps. But when after many years it started blowing fuses only then did I learn mine actually lasted a long time, they tend to self-destruct, which is why my dealer quit carrying them, and even with his help I was unable to find anyone with trustworthy experience to work on it and Aronov wouldn't give me the schematics to try and figure it out myself. 

I still have mine. Can't bring myself to just toss it when maybe some relatively simple fix could restore it to its former glory. The Melody I have now sounds just fine, but the Aronov was certainly better.

Wish I could help, and let me know if there's any way you think I can. I will be following with interest.....
Steve of Avatar Engineering in Santa Monica Ca. completely restored my Aronov LS960-I about two years ago. He has experience with Aronov products, he had no problem with rebuilding mine. Send me a message if you want his number.

If you are close to the NYC area I can take a look at it.

Happy Listening.