tube rush aronov ls-9000

i have the ls9000. what type of tubes does this preamp take? i have a lot of tube hiss. what are the "pots" for located by the tubes? can i adjust these for the gain, maybe eleminating the tube hiss? the pre sounds great accept for the tube hiss. please e-mail me at i seldom check e-mails through my hot mail account.

p.s. per previous owner all the tubes were replaced with low noise types

I have heard no tube rush with similar circuit topology and stock parts and tubes incorporated into the integrated LS-960I, nor did I notice any when I auditioned earlier the LS-9000 with the excellent LS-9100 mono power amps, a setup that did not comfortably fit the available shelf space. Why don't you call up Michael Aronov tomorrow as he is accessible and helpful even if you are not the original owner. The phone number on is 323-653-3045, in California.
These are meant to be plug and play, as far as I know from using and reading about this preamp design over the years.
Aronov is great sounding stuff, but because of stealth direct marketing (or, lack thereof) still remains an insider secret.
Which amp(s)and loudspeakers are you listening to when you are disturbed by tube rush, and how close to the front face of your speakers do you have to position yourself to hear it?