Aronov owners please comment

To all the owners(past or present, and particularly owners of LS9100 monos) please can you comment on the following:
how reliable are they?
what is their "sound", or sonic signature?
how good do they sound compared to other amps?
what amp was replaced by an Aronov?

All owners comments welcome-thanks
The 9100's are very reliable. I did have one problem with both amps. A 1-meg resistor went bad in both amps(not at the same time about 2 months apart). They were about a year old when this happened. When I had them fixed the I was told that some time the manufacture could have gotten a bad run on that part. He found no reason for the breakdown other than the resistor was suspect.I once took out a grid resistor when replacing tubes. One of the KT90's was bad.I have not had a problem since then. I have owned them since 1998. They are played almost everyday for several hours. On the weekends 12 to 14 hours a day. As far as sound goes I love mine, but they are no longer stock.I have had some Musical Concepts mods done. In the stock form they are balanced with very good bottom almost like a SS amp. They are robust and have lots of headroom (THEY HAVE BALLS). The midrange is sweet and relaxed close to that of an EL-34. The upper end is very good extended but not too hot. I have to say this in the context that every system is different. What tubes you use are very important this includes the driver. I like KT-90's and use Mullards in the driver stage. When I bought these I was in transition from biamped Maggies(3a's). I was using 2 Musical Design D140's and a Nak Stassis7 for my subs. I also had the ARC V70 (nice amp),but not enough juice. I then heard the Aronovs driving the Von Schweikert Vr4 loved them and took them home for an audition, bought a pair. They sound a lot like the ARC M100's to me maybe a little more relaxed. Soon after I changed speakers to Merlin VSM. This the combo I still have and will for a long time. At the price I see the Aronovs going for it's a no brainer. Hope this helps you out. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions about the amps.