Arm for Basis 2200?

Hello all,

I'd like to hear your thoughts/opinions and suggestions to my current "dilemma". I am about to plump for a Basis 2200 Signature table. I cannot afford the Vector arm at this point in time so I am considering the Rega RB700. Anything other arm in the (up to) $1000 range I should give a thought to?

My system is all tube with a Cary PH-302 phone stage. Speakers are Vandersteens. My tastes run the gamut, lots of classic rock and orchestral and piano.

Thanks in advance for your input!
My suggestion is to go for a Rega arm, because, eventually you're going to want the Vector. As I'm sure you know, the Vector is a "drop in" replacement for the Rega. So maybe buy one of the rewired Regas on audiogon and save up for a Vector.

The Vector is intense.
I'm using a Hadcock 228 export, it is also a drop in with the adapter ring that comes with the tonearm. The set screw in the table secures the arm to the table. I am very happy with this arm and the 2200 sig and have no plans to change until I put the Vector in.

You are going to love this table! Good luck!
Some time ago I listened to such a Basis TT with a rewired Rega RB 300 Arm (I think, from Incognito). It was really good performance.
I'm using Origin Liver Silver on my Basis 1400. Great tonearm for under $1000 used. I would love to eventually get the Vector 4.
Thanks for the input, gents. Looks like I'm going to go the Rega route, due to some very generous people on this forum :-) :-) :-)