VPI or Basis?

Any thoughts about the merits of VIP Hot Rod versus topline Basis? I'm using an ARC Ref. phono stage, Magnepan speakers.
i own the Basis 2500/Graham 2.2 and formerly owned the VPI TNT III/Graham 1.5tc. these are both great turntables and at the level you are comparing are both quite neutral and without deficiencies.

i went with the Basis for the following reasons;

1. smaller footprint--for me a big deal; the TNT is BIG and with the flywheel it's REALLY BIG.
2. vaccuum option--i buy lottsa used records and the clamping process can't be good for records and is not as good as vaccuum.
3. the fluid suspension of the Basis is simpler and better than the air suspension of the TNT---just an opinion that i have not verified.

the 2500 does outperform the TNT MKIII that i had previously in detail, drive, and bass articulation. i would guess the current TNT Hot Rod would be similar to the Basis 2500.

i never did add the vaccuum option to my 2500 and actually am in the process of moving on to a Rockport. but i was intending to either go to the 2800 or the Debut V Vaccuum.

both are outstanding performers and i think the top under $10k choices IMHO.
You can't go wrong with either one, especially the Basis; but for approximately the same money--$8000--you should also consider the SME 20. It's a truly great table.
NO CONTEST,BASIS ALL THE WAY!the tooling tolerances of the basis is far superior.you cannot even tell if the platter is spinning on a basis.the build quality is impeccable and of course I.M.H.O sounds better.happy listening.RICH
Isn't the word that VPI is a more "lush" sounding table?I have an extended full blown aries and I dig it but from what I read their are tables that may be more rhythmic and Basaii may be one of 'em.Mike their gives a good argument for the Basis.While not totally finicky I was thinking to get an SME
table which is sans suspension.Never needs tweaking at all.I would have probably gotten the new Acoustic Signature for $2K and loaded for bear elsewhere from the Fremer review.Would love to be able to mount a second arm with removable Headshell for beaters and 78's.But I got the VPI new for $2500 so how could I say no?But it outclasses everything else in my rig (german Ehodin spaekrs running off eith a Mac or CJ pre[both are going one day] and a Mesa Baron].Post when you make a decision it will be interesting to find out what you did.
Cheapskate Chazz
VPI V HR + Helikon live in my house since May and is completely unfussy to deal with. Air suspension and arm/table connection with a 12" arm give the best presentation my system has ever delivered.

VPI got rid of the sub pulley and drilling the body with holes and have come up with, IMHO a superior analogue system.

I also like the two grounding points offered, although not used.

Good luck in your front end choice.
I have friends who have the VPI. I had a VPI early and had several updates. I was frustrated with The quality. I bought a Voyd that sounded much better. (SME V arm.) I began to have a problem and couldn't get servic so I decided on a Basis 2800. The quality and design is outstanding. Parts are matched. AJ even helped me fix the Voyd. I now have to great tables that I feel sound better than the VPI's. My friends have VPI's when they listen to the Basis they omit there is no comparison even to the Voyd. I'm able to resolve more low level detail, air, space from a silent background. music floats out naturally. The 2001 I believe is better a great buy. See if you can listen to a Basis. AJ is great help. Basis has a Graham 2.2 and Koetsu Signature.
Hey Gladstone:

What a tough spot to be in :~)

I find it interesting that some people are so argumentative/opinionated about the two tables as both are excellent. Do you prefer steak or lobster?, blonds or brunettes? If someone prefers a redhead does that mean you will too? But since you asked... I give the VPI the nod for value. The HR is $8k with 12.5 arm, flywheel and SDS motor controller. I disagree that the suspension is ANY different to live with than the Basis and agree that the grounding points are a nice and practical touch. My favorite though, is the elimination of the arm board. The system ain't cheap, but it's a steal!

Enjoy whichever you choose.

I own a Basis Debut V with vacuum and I agree with that what Jazzhelp did write.

I was looking for years for my final turntable and I checked the TNT, too.

I decided to go for the Basis because of it's superior quality. In my opinion, this is nearly unbeatable.
And the vacuum is great. And everything works perfect, on and on and on.

Never a problem.

I would buy it again at once.
I thank everyone for the responses; it's a good sign that vinyl can generate so many opinions. I got a good deal on a VPI.