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NBS Pro series 3 VS: Omega top level Omega
Omega is non-forgiving and more analytical to me. I have 3 systems, omega in one, professional 3 in one, monitors in one. In my #1 I have omegas, #2 pro3's, bedroom monitors. You may find the statement extremes more to your taste, they appear to b... 
NBS Classic vs. Monitor vs Omega Series
Walter is a great guy, very cooperative and understanding he may be willing to let you swap and audition cables give him a call you properly can work something out. 
NBS Classic vs. Monitor vs Omega Series
I have used all the cables, I have 3 different systems 3 floors. I have the Omega 0's the professional 3's and monitors 1's. I have switched back and forth. I find the monitors to extend more than the pros but had an analytic sound. The pro's were... 
BAT VK-D5 CD Player Needed New Transport Assembly
I have both BATs (Vkd5 & SE) and Meridian 508.24 that use Philips. I never had any trouble with any. The 508 is discontinued because they don't make the deck any more. 
New turntable/tonearm combo from VPI
Check out the Basis Combo with Rega Arm. Company is low profile but offers good product for the money. 
VPI or Basis?
I have friends who have the VPI. I had a VPI early and had several updates. I was frustrated with The quality. I bought a Voyd that sounded much better. (SME V arm.) I began to have a problem and couldn't get servic so I decided on a Basis 2800. T... 
Pros / Cons of Vacuum Option - Basis Debut V
I bought a 2800 because of the vacuum. Ths suspension and the vacuum put you in heaven. You must have the other equipment to resolve the nuances it can bring you. You will be shocked what matching and tweaking can do.Any weak link can negate the o... 
CJ Premier 12's and Silverline Sonata's??
I have Sonata's and have used them with the bat500 and vtl300's. I prefer the sound with the Vtl's. I luv the speakers but they are on the lean side. 
Has anyone used Echo Busters?
I forgot to say I put them in the ceiling half the recommended amount and they worked great. 
Has anyone used Echo Busters?
I put them in a restaurant and they work great. The room had a tile floor and sheet rock ceiling. They took the drop ceiling and carpeting out. All the customers complained about the noise level. Since I put the busters in they haven't gotten one ... 
NBS Audio Cables
I have used NBS for years and have AB'd them with my friends cables. They all ended up switching to NBS. You can't go wrong with NBS. I'm now using the line conditioner that blew away several top of the line units. I have monitor 0's. 
Pre-amp for Manley MonoBlock 160W
I use a Cat with my VTL 300's. I'm on my 3rd CAT. I also have A BAT 5i which worked well. It has a thinner and leaner sound. The quickness some people prefer.You will need adapters, the BAT is balanced. 
Update III on the cable shoot-out
Who sells the cable cooker? Does it really work?Thanks 
Don't see much on Silverline Sonata so..
I have both the natas & the tinas, you will find them very clean, relaxed and neutral. they have a seamless tone from top to bottom. They work well with both solid state and tube amps. I found 75+ watts bring out the best tonal qualities. Usin... 
NBS Monitor 3 IC
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