ARC VS60 Amp question

ARC stated as "We designed the VS60 with the finest full-range speakers, not compact monitors". What would happen if pair with monitor speakers?

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ARC is just trying to say that this somewhat smaller power amp can handle full range speakers. It will sound just fine with compact monitors.
It is a nice sounding amp
Makes little sense beyond saying that the amp was voiced on a floor stander of indeterminate size and sensitivity.  I think these brochure writers run out of other audiobabble BS to say that they put this into print 
I agree with the other posters and my guess is they mean the amp is not limited to powering small monitors, and it is capable of also powering large full-range speakers as well. I had a VT60 (older model from the 1990's and should have never sold it) and I used it to drive a pair of Martin Logan Aerius-i which are low sensitivity electrostats with a brutal impedance curve. I used the 4 Ohm tap on the VT60 and it sounded better (in my opinion) than the Bryston 3B I had at the time. Although the Bryston was rated as a much more powerful solid state amp, the perceived power of the VT60 was every bit that of the Bryston. I suspect that the VT60 is a fine amp that would sound good with monitors or floorstanders.
Sorry I had a typo in the last sentence of my response.  I meant to say that I suspect the VS60 is a fine amp that would sound good with monitors or floorstanders.