Is there a possibility to "improve" the sound quality of these speakers (whis is already pretty good)? I could not find anything really interesting on the apogee web site. Thank you so much for your feedback.
placement is THE KEY! & of course good clean, strong amplification too would enhance..

Sure, try some tube amps, replace ribbons with newer "GRAZ" replacements, active bi-amp, replace woofer with newer better model....any, or all... should give some improvement.

Other things...placement, better spikes, room treatments, subwoofers.

As Dave suggested, a Graz XLM ribbon will dramatically improve the sound. Also, I have changed the woofer in my Centaurus Minor, and that is better, too, and requires no crossover modification.

Go to the Apogee user's group and do a search, the info you need should be there somewhere, or ask.

Not sure if this is the site you went to, but you may want to post the topic there.


They'll probably ask for some further details with respect to the other parts of your system, room treatments, etc.

Good luck! Erik