Apogee Centaur or Apogee centaurus slant 6?

Hi dear fellows!I would like to know which one of these Apogees sounds better.I have heard Apogee Centaur and I was ovewhelmed by the transparency, warmness and detail of sound.I was also satisfied with the bass as well, even if the reviews states that this is not the strong point of this model.I would like to know specifically which are the differences in terms of sound between the Centaur and the Centaurus Slant &.My sistem consists in a Krell Kav 300 cd, ARC Ls2B MK2 preamp and ARC D 200 amp.I use Purist maximus as interconnects and Purist museaus biwire speaker cables.Room size is 15 x 14 feets,Thanks for your comments.Rafael
Rafel0054, The Slant models are optimized to deliver more bass by being ported and I believe a larger enclosure. The original Centaur line is not ported but Apogee offered a port kit and ribbon suspension kit shortly before they closed down. The ribbon suspension kit was to prevent them from flapping when overdriven. If you push them too far over the limit you risk damaging the ribbons. The slant 6 will yield better bass but better is a word I don't use in audio really. I say different. So the bass signature may be lower (different or not, depending on your room). I've owned the Centaur Minor, Centaur and Now own the Centaur Majors. Of course the Major with the 40" ribbon and 10" woofer will shake the floor in your room easily especially with the gear you have. The other models may not. But will be satisfying nonetheless in all other areas. You may have to mate them with a very good subwoofer. I'm using two 12" Dali acoustic suspension subs with my Majors. When I use them they do a wonderful job. Personally I don't think you could go wrong but the Slant series is newer than the Centaur models. The Slant series and Centaur Series with the exception of the Majors are much easier to drive and you have the gear to do that speaker justice. Listen to a pair and see what you like. Remember they are about 83 to 85db efficient. And they love tubes too. I see you are solid state. They are wonderful speakers and are hard to beat even in todays market. I don't think you could go wrong with either but I'd go with the slant because it's newer only. If I got a good deal on the Centaur I'd have no problem with it either. And I have a liking for the Centaur and it was my favorite speaker for a long time.
Dear Ponnie.Thanks for your valuable comment.I have the possibility to get either the Slant 6 and the Centaur.I ask the dealer of the Centaur about the port kit and ribbon suspension kit and he told me that it has those kits.So...in case the Centaur is in good condition, even if is older than the slant 6, which of the two will you recommend me for filling more my room?I ask that because as the slant 6 has a smaller woofer I`m afraid it has not the same size of sound.May be Slant 6 is for smaller rooms than mine???I will appreciate your reply.Rafael
Rafael0054, the Apogee hybrid ribbon speakers can sound amazing, if you can find a pair in good condition and if you have the amp(s) to drive them properly. I have owned several models of Apogees over the last 20 years.

All things being equal, I would advise you to select the latest model in the largest size. I would take the Cepheus 6 before the Slant 6, and I would take either before any model Centaur. Being that the Cepheus 8 doesn't exist (for all practical purposes), I would choose the Slant 8 over the Cepheus 6 *IF* I had right room and the right gear.

IMO, your room is on the smallish side for any of these speakers. They need a lot of air around them - 3'-4' from the back (front?) wall and at least 3' from the side walls - more is better. The Cepheus 6 is a little better in small rooms than the Slant series, but not by much. I would try corner bass traps and treating the wall in front of the speakers (behind the listener) if the room proves to be problematic. Or try a digital room correction system like Dirac. Good luck
Hi dear fellows.Many thanks for your valuable suggestions.I finally got the Centaur.I am very satisfied wuth them, even if my room is not as large as it could be advisable for this tipe of speakers,I have treated it with a bookshelf behind the listener position, some heavy curtains at one side of the room, others behind the gear ,an on the another side wall some paintings to break the plane surfaces,and create a pattern of reflecting and absorbing surfaces and`with this speakers` it works acoustically very well.Thanks again!Regards.Rafael