Integrated Amps to drive Agogee Cepheus/Slant Hyb.

Planning on purchased a Slant 6/8 or Cepheus. Would any integrated amp drive them. I now have McIntosh 6100 for my Micro Utopias. Looked at Acurus DIA150(Is it too bright a pairing), Plinius, Sim, Accuphase, or Classe.
Any help would be appreciated. I know I need current to drive these well but my budget is limited in the near term. Can't handle anything too bright for exemple just heard ML Request with Sunfire electronic couldn't sit in the room with them turned up.
The Apogee Cepheus is not to hard to drive and should be fine with any good integrated of 100 watts. I have centaur minor's and you can drive them with 50 watts of clean power.
Sogood, you been to our Apogee forum?

Audiodynamo, tubes go nicely with those Apogees. Jolida makes some sweet hybrids for low money.
Yes Muralman, I check out the apogee forum everyday, good site.