Apogee slant 8s compared to larger apogee models?


I am looking for comments. I have a pair of pristine
Slant 8s (I am the 2nd owner) and am considering upgrading.
Any/all comments are appreciated.
I have owned 4 different pairs of Apogees... first the Centaurus, then the Duetta Signatures, the Calipers and now the Studio Grands. The hybrids like yours and the Centaurus models do offer a lot for the money compared to cone speakers or others but once you go to a ribbon mid-bass and ribbon bass panel the coherance, detail and soundstage become real. I was never a fan of soundwise, trying to get a cone woofer to seemlessly match with a ribbon tweeter. Make the move to a full ribbon Caliper or Duetta Signature or Diva or Studio Grand it will change your listening life! Very little else out there comes close...
I had the pleasure of listening to the Slant 6 in a small room. It was divine. I owned the Apogee Stage, Duetta Signature, and finally now the Apogee Scintilla. I have heard all the others except for the almost non-existent Grand. To tell the truth I would not trade my Scintillas for any other Apogee, not the way I have them sounding.

I have a question for you, Vincent. How much are you willing to spend? The big Aps demand heavy hitter amps. The Stage is the simplest and cheapest main sail to fit out into a system. It puts out a short sound stage though. Next less affordable big Ap is the Duetta. It is a great warm speaker, I like calling sumptuous. All the others require multiple amps, tangles of cabling, and require lots of space.

Unfortunately there is another consideration that really tests bigger Apogee's affordability. There are few, and maybe no, pristine, non buzzing big Aps. Refurbished Aps are the most beautiful speakers around. True Sound Works is a source for these. Unfortunately these wonders require some serious bling bling.

Hope this helps.


Oh, hi Rossman!
My man Vince......... hope all is well, Mr Scintilla!
take a moment and tell yourself that your slant 8's are truly classic loudspeakers that are just as fine today as ever...pristine as well. now go back and enjoy what many are missing.
I have 2 pairs of slant 8s, a pair of Calipers, a pair of Divas. I have listened to the Duetta Sigs and the Mini grands. The slants hold their own against my Divas and are used as my back channels. If you make a jump, I would not recommend either the calipers or the mini grands (woofers are weak IMO). Pay the bucks and go for the True sounds Divas, Scinnies, possibly the Duettas and/ or the studio grands. All except the Scinnies sound fine with good SS or tube amps. I think the slants were the best of the hybrids. IMO If you get a chance, you should audition the varios models at Truesounds and determine first hand,if you want to make the jump and what speaker suits your fancy. Until then, sit back and enjoy the slants. They're darn good speakers!!

I heard all the models at True Sound Works too. Like you, my least favorite was the Scintilla. The Perreaux amps he was using sounded atrocious. Crap in crap out. Needless to say, that Scintilla doesn't sound anything like mine. I look forward to getting my gear over to Nevada so I can wake up a Scintilla there.
We knew that already Vince ^^

I had/have Centaur Minors, Calipers, Scinitllas, DIVAS and Grand's and heard very extensively Duettas.

My fav. from the list of "buyable" speakers is the DIVA, then the Scintilla, Duettas and Calipers. The C-Minor is OK but not really ALL that. The C-Major has apart from the Grand the best midrange Apogee made, its also what Ish uses instead of the Fullrange drivers.

Enjoy what you got! Try some tubes on them, cant do that on all models ;-)