Anyone tried/owns Origin Live Enterprise tonearm?

This arm interests me. Unfortunately I have no way to borrow one and try at home, so hopefully someone can give some feedback on it?

Please describe your analog setup as well, and what you've used prior to the Enterprise. Or even more interesting could be if you've tried it and moved on, why and to what did you move? :)

I currently play on a Clearaudio Master Reference with the Unify 14" arm and a Goldfinger v1 cartridge, which connects to MBL's phono module for the 6010D preamp.
At that price point a Schroeder, DaVinci, Graham Phantom, Dynavector 507, etc. costs far less and gives better performance.

Good luck.
Did you try the Enterprise, AudioFeil? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts and comparisons.

It's of little use to me to get a list of other products without a comparison - I hope you understand. It would however be most welcome if you or someone else would say that the Schroeder arm for example is better because of this and that, or that the Origin arm will beat the Dynavector because of this and that and so on. :)

The thing is that where I live, there is no way to borrow a couple of different arms and evaluate them at home, so hearing experienced opinions on various products is very valuable to me.

By the way, price and value isn't a factor, I'm only interested in the performance.
Hi there,

I can tell you that I used to OWN various tonearms including the Linn Ekos MK.2 , an SME 5 , an Origin Live Illustrious and now (and I believe FINALLY!) an Origin Live Conqueror MK.3

I have heard many tonearms and variations/combinations... I have IN THE PAST, SPENT A GOOD DEAL OF MONEY...AND BEEN VERY DISAPPOINTED...


The Enterprise is TRULY MARVELOUS! and with your turntable, I would say that EITHER the Conqueror or the Enterprise would be an excellent match...easily leaving Shroeder, DaVinci, Graham and Dynavector WAY BEHIND... BOTH IN SOUND and ALSO IN LOOKS and Beautifully simple looks and design...

Bunches of hinges and dials are NOT what is required to make music FLOW and SING!

The Clearaudio turntables, Particularly the M/Ref. are wonderfully accurate; the Origin Live arms capitalise on this and provide a completely realistic whole atmosphere to the music, which you should expect to hear from a live performance.

These arms both track so well with avariety of cartridges, give such a LOW to Nill noise floor (removing so many pops and crackles)...

In short, I have NEVER enjoyed music more... and...

I have NEVER heard better or more realistic... music that WILL flow into your soul without any effort at all

Best wishes in your search,


I forgot to say,

I currently own (after many auditions of VERY Expensive turntables, tonearms and cartridges)

Origin Live Sovereign Mk.1 and Conqueror Mk.3

unlike some who comment, I am not a dealer and am not in any way biassed toward one product or least I never used to be...

I got an excellent deal on my products...where are you based?

Regards, Ian
Thanks Ian, that was encouraging to hear. I'm glad you're enjoying your music! :)

I'm in Sweden, and unfortunately there's nobody stocking the OL arms up here. I'll see if I can borrow one directly off Origin unless I can persuade my dealer to get one.
Hello Ian,

It sounds as if you have found a wonderful synergy between Origin Live turntables and Origin Live tonarms.

Synergy is at least as important as the overall quality of the inidividual components.

Thom @ Galibier
Dear Osgorth: IMHO it is very good decision trying to change your tonearm for that cartridge that it is not an easy one: 16grs. on weight with 15cu on compliance and 2.8grs on VTF, maybe not the best match for a long unipivot like your Unify.

I never had the opportunity to hear the Enterprise, I don't have any doubt that it is a good tonearm but I can't understand ( with all respect ) why Ian posted in absolute terms: " Conqueror or the Enterprise would be an excellent match...easily leaving Shroeder, DaVinci, Graham and Dynavector WAY BEHIND..... " +++++

What we can evaluate in a stand alone tonearm could be only its whole design but IMHO when we are evaluating its quality performance we have to take in count at least two other audio items on that tonearm evaluation: cartridge and Phonolinepreamp ( other than TT. ).

Normally when we try to evaluate a cartridge we have to ask with which tonearm? and in the same manner when we want to evaluate a tonearm we have to ask with which cartridge?..

From this point of view and IMHO I think that you have to look for the tonearm that could give you the best quality performance to your cartridge, could be the Enterprise? could be but other of the tonearms named here could be too. How to know it?, unfortunately only testing it and asking like you to other people using the same combination and of course asking not only to Clearaudio but to other tonearm builder/designers.

Due to the Goldfinger characteristics I like the Dynavector or the new Ortofons specially because are ( other that very good design/build quality. ) a removable headshell design that let me to try the cartridge with different headshells ( different weight/shape/build material/etc, etc. ) where the quality performance will be different and where in one of those headshells you could find the right match. With the Enterprise you just can't do it. Btw, with the Schroeder you can do it too due that you can have different arm wand build materials ( more expensive that changing headshells. ).

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Ian: +++++ " easily leaving Shroeder, DaVinci, Graham and Dynavector WAY BEHIND... BOTH IN SOUND ... " +++++

I assume for this kind of statement that you test/try all those tonearms against the Enterprise ( IMHO is in that way the only " road " to make the statement about ), could you share with us with which cartridge and Phonolinepreamp? could you tell us which specific model of each named tonearms do you test/try it?

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hello Raul,

I'm sorry to have ruffled your feathers in this way, as no such 'absolute' statement was meant.

It is of course true when you say, there are several considerations to make when attempting to select or listen to tonearm / turntable / cartridge / phono stage combinations... the trouble is, this obviously extends to synnergy in individual systems including virtually ALL of the components.

My statement therefore was NOT meant as (although it may have sounded) 'absolute' as this is probably impossible to say...and of course, is the opinion of an individual.

My statement was in answer to a direct question about information... and was / is the enthusiastic feeling I have now that I have a sound that I feel is authentic and very good.

I know of several others who have decided upon either identical, or very similar tonearm and turntable combinations to myself, using similar and even exactly (as is possible to say of models) the same cartridge.

I have NOT tried every single combination of phono stage with every combination of other item...or I would never really get the chance to listen properly, or to enjoy the variety of music genres I do...

however, I have tried several tonearm and cartridge combinations and connected various phono stages over a long period of time (approximately 20 years).

The phono stages include several Trichord models (including Delphini and Diablo), Clearaudio Balance, Tom Evans Groove and Groove XS, Art Audio Vinyl Reference, CPT Acoustics, DACT, World Audio Design, ETC...

I do not recall the Schroeder tonearm model auditioned, but it was in excess of £3,000.00, so more expensive than the Conqueror, but less (I think) than the Enterprise.

Cartridges included (in no particular order), Koetsu, Rosewood Signature, Koetsu Onyx, Clearaudio Accurate, Dynavector XX1 L, Denon models, Ortofon Jubilee, VDH Colibri, etc...

I feel that I now have a very enjoyable and realistic sound, without having to own a turntable which is exceedingly heavy, labor intensive in setup and utterly demanding of space.

It looks and sounds great without taking over the house!

I am certainly enjoying the music (though not as often as I would like), as I'm sure you are with your Schroeder and turntable / cartridge / phono stage combination...

and that after all, is what we are all after...isn't it?

Regards, Ian
Hi Ian,
and what is your current cartridge with the Origine Live?
@ Ian: i would like to ask the above question once again.

@ all: any other experiences with Lyra Skala, Titan, Titan i, Parnassus (D.C.t.) and Dynavector XV-1s in Enterprise (or Conqueror) tonearms? How are the synergies? Or maybe other, better combinations?