Anyone know of any cryoed speaker wire?

Just purchased a pair of piega c8ltd speakers. Looking for new speaker cables. Heard there may be some cryoed speaker wire out there on the cheap that is actually very good. Wanting to try ridge street or audience cables but that may have to wait 'til next year due to budget restrictions. Currently am using signal cable shotgun bi-wires. Amps are odyssey monos, pre is arcam av8, cd is opera audio ref. 2.2. Other cables I am now using are groeneburg (spelling?) between pre and amp; z squared between cd and pre. Room is appx 14.5x21.5'x9' and is acoustically treated using real traps. Also 3 dedicated circuits with belden wire and hubbel outlets. Suggestions and comments please.
VH Audio promotes and sells the same star quad cryo'ed wire used in the Flavor 4 power cords as speaker wire. According to the website; "THIS WIRE IS ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR USE AS SPEAKER CABLE." I have a pair 15 feet long with the Furutech gold spades also sold by VH Audio. The wire did not work for me as a speaker cable, but Chris VH uses it in his system, and indicates others also successfully use it. I am going to sell mine if you are interested, and I would be willing to work with you on a shorter length if desired. More information is given here:
and here:
I'm using VooDoo Reference Bi-Wire speaker cable that is cryogenically treated and am very happy with them. Here is a link and Bruce is great to deal/work with:
I believe that Audience cryos their speaker cables and interconnects (AU24s).
I trialed VH Audio's cryo'd Star-quad wire against many others including Audience Au24 and I kept the VH Audio wire. Worked for me in my system. Sounds like what you're looking for.
May not be the most affordable stuff but Jena Labs has cryoed super pure copper wire.
All Purist Audio Design cables manufactured in the last decade are cryo treated. Take your choice, new or used.
You can have your own or any other speaker wire cryoed by Cryogenics International for around $80 for a minimum 9 pound package (this is from memory and may be slightly off). I sent them a package of cables, connectors and tubes and was hard-pressed to reach the minimum, which will let you cryo a LOT of stuff.
Thanks people. That was the information I was looking for.