Anyone know anything about Deal Home Audio in Batam, Indonesia? Real or fake?

Has anyone ever bought used gear from Deal Home Audio in Batam, Indonesia?  Is it a real company or fake?


There are so many scams these days , If your not 100% sure of WHO your dealing with, paying more money some where else to raise your confidence would be well worth it IMO.


Matt M

Once you’ve vetted their existence DO NOT forget to use or equivalent for the transaction. If they won’t go for that then walk away.

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.....if you have to ask that question ; then you already have your answer.  


🤔website looks good with lots of awesome gears 😍 but the prices are seem to good to be true so I’m pretty sure 💯 is a scam for example a ESOTERIC K-01/ X for $3,380 or a ESOTERIC VUK-PO CD Transport for $3,400 NO WAY 😱 😳 impossible. I have seen these beautiful machines going AG/eBay or US AM for $6k~$8k easy so YES! 🚫Deal Home Audio🚫definitely a scam website 👎🏼😏 stay away. BA👽✌🏼