Any voodoo power cable users

Just looking for feedback/impressions from owners/listeners.....

The effects of a power cord are often easily measured with a DVM. Would you still call that Voodoo?
I think he is talking about the brand.
Oh, that's Voodoo not voodoo then
Wow! Fast on the trigger.
Voodoo can't be measured by DVM. That's the point.
For that you need hellraiser cube puzzle. 
I am using their 4 outlet extension block in my main system.  It is plugged into a Shunyata Hydra Conditioner.  I have used it for years and it has always sounded very neutral.
I use two in my system at the moment. Jusssttt pulled the trigger on a third 10 minutes ago.
I have a Voodoo Powerwave on my subwoofer. I purchased it at $250 directly from Voodoo. It's at closeout price. Probably discontinued. 
I originally purchased the Powerwave for a Wireworld Matrix I was using. When I switched to a Shunyata PS8 I needed a 20 amp connection so I moved the Shunyata Venom HC to it and the Voodoo Powerwave to my SVS. It works well there. Better than the Signalcable Power cable that was on it.
On a subwoofer I feel that 90% of what a subwoofer cable needs to be is shielded and provides enough available current to allow the amplifier and motor to do their jobs. 
On my Marantz 7012 things have been very positive. 
My Marantz power cord progression has went in this order:
1. Pangea 14SE Mark ll. 
Even after 200 hrs break in this cord did not sound good at all in my system. Very sloppy lower frequencies. Fatiguing highs. 

2. Signalcable Power Cable for the Marantz. Signalcable Digital for the Oppo. 
The Signalcable worked well on the Marantz. Deeper, more controlled lower frequencies. 

Being a believer in power cables now (wansnt originally) I read and researched for the next one.

3. Audience Forte F3 cable.
These are very good cables. had a few available for $125. Had to try one. 
The Forte F3 leans towards the warm side. My system consist of Morrow Audio interconnects and speaker cables. These are quite revealing but can be a little "bright" at times. 

4. Voodoo Vision Digital power cable. 
This cable sounded better in my system than any had so far. Open and dynamic. No more rolled off or fatiguing highs. Midrange and low frequencies well controlled. 

5. Voodoo Infinity Digital. 
This is an outstanding power cable! From the Vision Digital power cable to this there was an additional sense of spark and liveliness. 
Better sound stage. Better vocals and piano. 

Sadly the Infinity Digital was a loner. It went back. 
I ordered a 20 amp version of the Voodoo  Vision Power Cable today for my amplifier. Very anxious to see how it performs. 
Few things I forgot to mention.

1. These are quite large cables. 8 and 10 AWG construction and heavily shielded.

2. These cables do not comfortably make tight turns. If considering one either be sure you have room or have them terminated with 90° connections.

3. Consider taking advantage of lending library. I’ve been working with a fellow named Jason. He’s been knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Even saved me a few bucks.