Any opinions on the Thorens TD 148a


Just wanted to see if anyone has any opinions on the Thorens TD 148a or any experience with it?

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For best sound it is necessary to align it perfect on a North-South Axis

Hi, could you please expand on that?

You mean the catridge/headshell should be properly aligned correct?
I’m curious about this model as well.    I love the automatic 

Do you currently have a turntable, if so what model?

Just a suggestion; Thorens has the twice the price ($3999) automatic TD1601 turntable that has been reviewed, just search "Thoren TD1601 review".  Recommend you read those reviews to get a possible feel for how the TD164A may sound, most tables of similar design by the same manufacture have a 'house sound'.  Then send an e-mail to Thorens.  Tell them you are interested in the TD164A, but the audio press/ forums have not reviewed, and you do not have an opportunity to hear and touch the unit.  But, you note that the automatic TD1601 has been reviewed, and how would they compare the two units, the large cost difference notwithstanding.

Thanks for your input, that is a good idea.
I will look into that.