Thorens TD-124 cartridge?

What is a good cart choice for this table with a 12 inch ortofon rmg-212 tonearm in the 200-300 dollar range??
Denon DL103
As well as the MM Ortofons, the medium/hi weight MCs, Bluepoint Sp., SPU, shure, AT, clearaudio except for their top line... Some that are'NT a good idea:
Lyra Titan, Lyra Connoisseur, Transfiguration Opus....

Anything you like will work well, really. Prefer cartridges that favour the upper frequencies. Regards
Denon 304. Very low output though (.18mv I think). MC. You will need min 55db amplification from phono pre.
with the project phono tube se II amp I should be able to achieve 55 db with the switch jumpers on the back.
Good. I have had the 304 on my TD-160 Super before and it was an excellent combination. I had a different arm though (cant remember which). Yours would be a good match.
I don't know why people are suggesting low compliance carts ,like all the MM's in the list above, for a heavy arm like the RMG-212??? (and that includes the DL 304!)
The 304 is not an MM. Its an MC.
I know but it's a medium (14) compliance cartridge.
p.s. that's why I added it in brackets ;)
True. I was wondering if that was what your were insinuating.
Well, what I'm really wonderin is what a 12 inch rmg-212 is ? As the 12 inch would be called a 309 but even so they were both designed with SPU compliance in mind.
check the link provided in my earlier response.
Yes and if you look at the data it says "12 inch over all" (that is with the counter weight) Lateral lenght= 9 1/8 inch. It's all in the name.. 212 is for 212mm or 9 1/8 th inch and 309 is for 309mm or 12 inch.
wow...can it more confusing I wonder.
Yes, it is strange to advertise the arm as 12" but in fact it's not wrong perse just a bit confusing as we generally understand the advertised length as referring to pivot to stylus length. :) I've never seen an arm add that advertises it's total length with counterweight included! Interesting add, thanks!
How would a Dynavector 10x5 match up?
Marginal but possible, compliance of 10x5 is 12 so medium compliance. The RMG's are heavy stuff but you might just get away with it.