Any one tried the Yamamoto A06 with AD1 tube?

I have been searching to find the sonic characteristics of the AD1 tube when compared to DHT like the 45, 2A3 etc.

I find the 45 mesh plate by EML to be the finest tube I know. I quite like the 2a3 EML mesh too, but find it doesn't have the beauty or musicality of the 45 mesh. Although it has more authority. So I wondered if being so linear whether the AD1 with its 4w was a super 45?

I haven't found any reviews of the yammy A06 (mk1/mk2 or mk3). Is it that rare?
I had the 06-3, found it less lively than the 08-S. it might be noisy on the avantgardes, I had Lamhorns using an AER driver, 106 db. It is a stunningly beautiful looking amp. Tube rolling the AD1 can be a problem, EML is the only current manufacturer, NOS is very pricy. The best rectifier I found was a Phillips Mini-Watt. You might want to consider the 0-10 amp or the 09 amp which uses 300b's. Have you thought of bi-amping?

The guy I sold it to was static about the amp, said he would keep it for life.
Hi Crubio,

When you say lifeless do you mean not as magical as a 45 tube amp or do you mean dynamically not as lively?

I am not a 300b fan so probably wouldn't go A09 way.

I just wondered if I could get a 45 type sound from the A06? Retain that magic but with a little more grunt?

The A011 with mesh plated EML 2a3 lost the EML mesh 45 magic, but did have some presence & slightly wider image, although didn't have the layering I get from my A 08s. I even tried the 2a3 tube in the A08s which was nice but again lost the magic.
Hi Crubio

Following the previous post, can you say more about the difference you found between the "less lively" A06-3 and the A 08s ? before I order an 06-3 this week, or an A08s !
I like "lively" and I also like the special quality of the 08s' 45 valves (EML meshes). The AD 1 valves reputedly have close to the 45 magic. If you did not find this, it would be good to hear more. (for use with 104db Loth X Troubadour Stamm driver horns). Cheers.
I'm the guy that bought the 06-3 from Cesar. I do Love the 06-3 Yami it has many many more pluses than minuses.
I'm also a huge fan of the 45 tube sweetness and tone. Being a Lowther guy I hate hiss and hash at idle or between tracks. I also Love the WOW factor....when friends see and hear my system. I'm building myself a one of a kind Parallel Single End 45 amplifier. I commissioned a circuit designer from Yugoslavia to help me with my ideas. I'm in the process of having a professional Double C-Core transformer maker ( from Holland ) make the trannies. He tweaked the design even further. I should have the amp built and tweaked by July's end. Much much more I can say. I'm sorta thinking about going into production with this amp. Thought I'd run it buy some guys and see how it is received.

Kind Regards
Hi Crubio
Following Chadeffect's post, can you say more about the difference between the "less lively" A06-3 and the A 08s, to guide me before I send the deposit for an 06-3, (or an 08s) this week.
I like the special quality of the 45 mesh plates in the 08s, and had planned to order one. I have since understood the A06-3's AD 1 valves give close to or the same magic as the 45's, yet with power headroom and other advantages (for use with 104db Loth X Troubadour Stamm driver horns). They're both beautiful, but sound capability / character is more important to me.
Paul. Why not ask Crubio ( who no longer owns any Yamamoto ) what he moved up to / replaced his Yami Gear with. I think he mentioned to me Shindo... I can tell you about the A-06-3 cause I now own it. I made a few tweaks (Cesar didn't know what he had). I actually have it in my rack right now just above it I have a Jeff Korneff 45 amp - I have 2 sets of 100+ db full range drivers I can play them both at same time or turn one or the other off using passive volume control to equal volume to sorta compair apples to apples. The answer to your question is "It Depends" ..... Which is best matters on many many things. Very hard to get all the ducks in a row. That's why great amps come along on the used market.
I didn't intend to suggest that the AD1 is a life-less tube, it's just different from the 45. I have been trying a series of amps, the linear A by Tom Evams was very promising. At this point, I'm steering towards a 45 or a 300B type SET amp. What are your issues with the 300B?


I `d take all opinions about 300b tube amplifiers with a sizable grain of salt(including mine).Here`s why, there`re so many different 300b amps with various design objectives, circuits,quality of parts,power supply.transformers etc. You could hear 6 brands of 300b amps and they would sound 'very' different from one another.

Secondly there`s much variation among individual 300b tubes, from average to good to superb.
Mix various amplifiers and vary the particular tube and it`s near impossible to generalized the so called 300b sound.

Now factor in the variable of speaker,other components and finally listener preference, well you get the point. There is a hugh difference in sound quality between say the EH orJJ compared to an EML,EAT,Sophia Royal Princess and the Takatsuki 300b tubes. They are a world apart and yet even in the premium group choice will depend on amp and system make up.Iuse the Takatsuki-TA300b and it`s simply sublime in my SET amplifier.

All of the low power DHT tubes can sound fabulous in the proper application.I`ve heard great and not so great examples of 45,2A3 and 300b amps,it just all depends...
I wish you the best in your search.
Hi guys,

A couple of things here.

Madranker I think Paul is trying to ask if that "magic" of the 45 is present in the AD1?

In my experience 300b, & 2a3 tubes have a drier quality to them. There will always be one that breaks the rule, but i have yet to hear it.

The 45 has a beauty(especially the EML mesh 45) & seductive purity which I have yet to find in other tube amps. I suspect this is what Paul wants, but with a little more grunt. Don't we all?

300b & 2a3 tubes have a larger image & more presence but loose the delicacy IMHO.

Tom Evans Linear A is a wonderful amp, but the only thing it lacks is that bit of soul. Aside from that the Linear A is hard to beat all round. it sounds like ICe power but with texture. Shame it's so ugly, unlike the wonderful to behold A06...ahhhhh
Ok Ok .... This is what I think you guys are looking for.. As I said I bought my Yamamoto A-06-3 from Crubio. Cesar gave up too soon on the amp because he didn't know how and where to fix it. I love the A-06-3 alot and I do mean alot !!! I also made a slight modification to filament voltage. The World and especially Japan and Europe know that 4.0 VDC is the most favorable for that sweet, clear, fast, sound that makes you say "O WOW" AD1 uses 4.0 - - 45 tube which is 2.5 VDC on its filament is my favorite with the proper speakers. I own a matched set of EML AD 1's - I also own a pair of Tungsram AD 1's and a pair of NOS very low like 10 hours on them Telefunken AD 1's (I doubt anyone in America owns a matched pair of telefunkens)... A bunch of different AZ 4 rectifier tubes and 3 pair of the C3M drivers and a bunch of different speakers. So what works for me is not going to work for everyone. Mostly cause people don't have the cash invest in alot of tubes. ( I'm a collector ). Bottom line if you have high efficiency speakers in the 100 db range your going to love 45 amps and have enough horsepower when you step on the gas. If you have less efficient speakers go with the A-06-3 (twice the output - Just as Sweet) if you can afford it and get it. I hear they are limited and no longer in production. O BTW,, 300B amps will drive the dash speaker from a 69 Rambler but they will never sound like the A-06-3 Yami.....How's that for making ya Think... Cheers everyone...
This is Crubio's opening paragraph from his ad on Audiogon. I copyed and pasted it right off Crubio's listing : QUOTE " I'm the first owner of the jewel of an amp, amazing 4 watts of power. One of the most dimensional and engaging amps I have ever heard. Lives up and excels at the Yamamoto sound perfect for high sensitivity speakers (mine are 106 db) " END OF QUOTE..... Crubio - Sang that tune when he was SELLING... Now you guys can talk about AD 1 tubes...
Kind Regards
It seems that with your speakers, Avantgarde Trio's, you should be able to bi-amp, seems like a better route than chasing another amp. Keep the 08s for the mids and highs, get something else for the bottom. Would that work?

The Audiopax model 88 is also quite a heavy hitter and absolutely silent due to the low gain design.

Thanks Madranker. I don't know why everyone seems to be so reticent with their opinion? It's only opinions. It's just good to hear others experience. Did you find the EML AD1 to be cleaner and more modern sounding a tube than the original? Personally I find his 45 tubes to be superior to the vintage ones I've tried. Especially the no.80 mesh.


It's is true I could bi or even tri amp, but I am not a believer in random Amps used like that. ( obviously subs are active, but take a feed from main amp which keeps the main amps flavour).

I am told the A08s can be simply modified to mono and run 2 x A08s.

For me personally I don't need the power. I was wondering if I could get a little more scale in the presentation, but without loosing the magic & layering of the 45?

As I said when I used the EML 2A3 mesh tube in the A08s, there was a shift in its presence and scale, but at the expense of magic, beauty and some layering. I was hoping maybe I could get all the above with an AD1?
Wow, Chad (reticent) I had to look that one up... Not revealing one's thoughts or feelings. I babbled on for two paragraphs about your Yammi 06-3 question. Not sure how less reticent I can be. I like the EML labs tubes. I have only had the pleasure of using the AD 1 EML and the fact that they cost around $800.00 the pair I don't use them for everyday use. As for 45 tubes I prefer the RCA globe style. I can give my opinion and thats all it is opinion... I believe the old school tubes of certain makers are far superior to any new production tubes. If you can get your hands on new ones. Remember just cause a tube tests good doesn't necessarily mean it's good.. Lots of hash sounding tubes test good. This is why new tubes are not as rich and loving as old school NOS tubes... Materials of today's market are not of same quality. Characteristics of metal make up has decreased. Plates and internal components were coated with chemicals which are no longer sold or the EPA would have a fit over. Regards
It seems based on Madranker`s comments the ADI-Yamamoto would be worth the time and effort for an audition.There is little risk it seems.
Good Luck,
Lol Madranker, I won't pontificate any longer :-)

If babbling is 2 paragraphs you need to go hang out with more old ladies! Thanks for sharing though. I suspect the A06 will be excellent.

I have not really noticed old tubes sounding better than modern ones, although I understand what you probably like in those vintage tubes. Obviously you need to find good quality modern tubes as of course there are modern crap tubes too.

In my experience vintage tubes tended to sound metallic, or flabby, or dark when compared to modern ones. probably down to the tarnished pins.

I spent many years trying to find decent tubes for Pre amps, power amps, mic Pre amps, mics, etc. In fact it turned me off tubes in the end. It was only when I tried the Yamamoto that I got dragged away from the dark side! The EML tubes are excellent & consistent.
Chad - I looked that one up won't get me to see the New tube / NOS tube thingy. I'm stuck in my ways, so don't Rant. Not easy to make the Ol Madranker Laugh. Being somewhat serious now with this statement and meaning no disrespect.... I talk with guys like you and read threads and belong to clubs etc. Everyone always asks which OUTPUT tube sounds best but yet they never mention rolling the driver tubes or the rectifier tubes. Makes me wanna Burp. I can tell you, you can change the way your amp sounds easier and cheeper if you have 4 pairs of 6SL7's then find the set you like most and sell the other three. I can also tell you from experience different rectifiers have slight subtle changes.. And last but not least. After thinking about it I might be willing to sell my A-06-3 Yamamoto if your offer is good. Cheers
I own the A06-3 amp, using the EML AD1 tube. I also own the A08S amp and still do. Driving 106dB/W Lowther horns.

First of all, both amp sounds great. That's why I still keep both for use in rotation. In comparison, the A08S sounds more delicate, with finer brushstroke. The A06 sounds much more dynamic, with bigger scale, and revealed more details than the A08. Different taste.

Second, I found the A06 to be very sensitive to noise in the system, either RF or ground loop. I struggled with the noise issue for a while until I optimized the grounding of all connected components, after which the A06 becomes absolutely quite with zero noise even with my horn. The sound also improves significantly, becoming more refined.

Third, in my A06 only EML AD1 tube can be used. I have various vintage AD1s and all of them suffer from low-level hum. Perhaps due to my horn's high sensitivity. I believe the A06 is hum-optimized to the EML AD1 tube, which has different filament construction compared to vintage AD1s. This is the only shortcoming of this amp as I have collected those rare gems which I hope I can enjoy one day in a properly designed amp.

I cannot say if AD1 has that 45 magic as I'm not sure everyone agrees on what that is anyway. I do know both amp can sound wonderful with high-sensitivity speakers.
Thank you for posting this. With voltage stabilisers, one per AD1 tube, available from European importer, JacMusic, your amplifier might be adjustable for use with NOS and current production EML AD1 valves. When I placed my recent order for an A06-3, the importer noted that I had found the EML mesh plate 80 rectifier auditioned in an A08s sounded more open and alive than a NOS item. He offered to arrange manufacture of an EML mesh plate AZ4 rectifier for use rather than the NOS item amp is normally supplied with. I am looking forward to delivery (into 104db horns) after your description of the presentation character.

You are funny. I have run out of big words now. So you are safe! I agree with you regarding input tubes & rectifier tubes. The mesh no80 tube in my yammy made a important contribution to the sound I enjoy from my A08s.

I would be up for your A06, but I will need 240v version. I suspect you are 120v.

No burping madranker. The EML80 rectifier is very refined and quiet. Its way better than any NOS i tried. Unfortunately I cannot do much with the mushroom input tubes 717a.

Jacklee thank you for your post. Very interesting.

So Paul it's down to you! I'm comming over once it's run in. obviously I will gladly help you run it in :-). We shall have to compare amps too.