Any one else has a problem re: shipping damage

I recently shipped some power cords and audiophile brass cones from the US to Singapore with UPS. Unfortunately, the cones were severely damaged (tips of 4 out of 6 were smashed, 2 of them very badly) in transit. Even more ridiculously, a power cord had its AC pins bent ! and of course it no longer worked.

The shipment was of course I reported the damage to UPS in Singapore and my counterpart (exporter) reported it to the UPS office in US. UPS is now using the excuse that I have thrown the external packaging away and refused to investigate. I have thrown the external box away because there was no apparent damage. I only discovered the damage when I opened the internal packing the next day.

Does any one have a similar or related experience and perhaps an idea of what would be the best way to resolve this affair.


All packaging should be kept for inspection by the claims examiner. The hill you have to climb is getting way steeper. Good luck.
Pbb is right. I shipped a Rega P3 domestically, boxed in original packing, then double boxed. Got there on Friday the thirteenth with what looks like a hole from the blade of a fork lift through both boxes. I am reimbursing the buyer immediately, but don't think that they will pay the claim.
Thanks Pbb. Am I right to conclude Everest is intimidating but doable nevertheless...

Viridian, I have also reimbursed my buyer on a pair of i/c that appeared to be stolen with the external box intact. My claim is under investigation now. Two mishaps within the space of two weeks in May ! Someone is telling me to stay away from hi-fi !!
Had a pair of JM Reynaud Offrandes droped by UPS knocking the coils off of a cross over. They sent a guy out to mde to photograph the box and packing material. Then they denied the claim as they said the packing was bad. Actually is was packed exactly as the factory sends it.

My seller raised a ruckas. UPS, after learning we are only asking for repair and replacement costs (about $250) and not the insured value of $2500, has "generously" agreed to pay. BUT, no check yet!
FIle a claim in small claims court, it will get you a definitive timeline. They won't show up to fight it, and will settle beforehand. THis is the report from others who have had issues with UPS/Fedex.

good luck.
Thanks Ed.

That was what I had in mind. I wouldn't have bothered if not for UPS' attitude. All I asked for was they investigate, not that they accept my complaint as a fact.

Their small prints do not constitute law. I was thinking of using Credit Card company and also consumer protection bodies to apply pressure. If that fails, may be convince my exporter to file in the small claims court.

It just amazes me how UPS/FedEx can act like this !
I have had claims with UPS and it is mandatory to keep all packaging, even though they will not honor claims to factory packaging that is not at least 2" thick. UPS will always find something or a way to get them off the hook. I had one Krell packed CD player that since there was a Fed EX tape left on from prior shippment they tried to blame FedEx. I told them they can't possibly blame someone else for their problems. If it's expensive, GO FED EX ONLY or else :-(
It might be difficult but if you are not the meek type I have some advise when dealing with UPS. PISS and MOAN and the louder the better. Ask to speak with managers, supervisors, bosses, always trying to get to the next level up. Be adamant, be loud, and ALWAYS say how you never had this problem in the MANY times you have used them but without satisfaction you will NEVER use them again.
Thanks, Motdathird.

Done that in Singapore up til supervisor level. Then US exporter took up a claim but he did not get past supervisor. Looks I need to recommence ops in Singapore.
UPS has damaged 2 of my shipments.
I now use Fed Ex and have had no problems.
I no longer use Fed Ex for valuable shipments.They have a book of claims exclusions which myself and most people are unaware of.I was about to ship a $2500 guitar and luckily the counter person whipped out the book.If its 25 years or older they have a few hundred dollar maximum liability.Antiques are similarly excluded.Electronics are all valued by Orion Bluebook!!!!!
Im convinced Orion is only used by Pawnshops to screw people into taking less money.
Anything really big and valuable is going by land or air freight or packaged gorrilla proof and UPSed.
I do not understand how such damage could have been done to cables with the outer box being undamaged. Were I UPS, I would conclude that they were damaged before shipment.
I cant figure out how the box wasnt damaged either, maybe it was re-packaged in a new outer box?????????