MSDS Sheets For Shipping Speakers Internationally?


I purchased a pair of speakers from a seller overseas who is getting grief from the shipping company over needing MSDS certification for them.  The speakers are Harbeth.  The seller contacted Harbeth about this and was told that no such certificate has ever been required for their speakers.  
Anyone ever experience this?  What would you do to resolve it?


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Well, I know that its OSHA type stuff... hazardous chemicals, batteries, etc. Not sure this helps, you will most likely need to call OSHA.  Good Luck,  haven't run into that one before

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use the Make A Certificate sites on the web to write up something that says "inert components only" - add some borders and words like "certified"

then send that to them
So what is the issue? Magnets? I would search for details regarding hazardous materials, you may find information about magnets. What a crazy request. Either that or tell the seller to find another shipping company. You could also contact the shipping company for information about MSDS requirements with shipments. Put the pressure on them to tell you what you need. I'm guessing they just don't know what they're handling.
I think I can make a MSDS sheet myself and send it to them.  

Cancel the sale.  There are no hazardous materials requirement for the Harbeth loudspeaker, so either the shipping company he is using is incompetent, the seller is making this up, or the seller cannot understand what the shipping company is telling him, in effect the seller is incompetent.  Under any of these circumstances the chances of you being a happy buyer are slim to none.  Walk away!
Magnets are classified in some circumstances as dangerous goods in transportation by air but magnets used in speakets are with very low environment influence so can not classified as hazardous goods .
One solution is to make sea transportation which is less sensitive to magnets, second option is to you use less rigid forwarder to despatch the speakers by air.

I personally think that you should cancel this order .

However it’s very strange that Harbeth can’t provide formal MSDS proving that their products are not classified as hazardous for air transportation!
Magnets in speakers are not classified as hazardous materials, ship speakers airfreight all the time, even receive drivers from overseas cases and cases of them.   

In some instances you will need to place a handling label on them but thats just so that the airline personnel knows how to handle this shipment

Best of luck


Thank you!  I will work this out.
I bought a pair of Focal Sopra No2 speakers from France when they were a brand new model.  They have beryllium tweeters, and I'm guessing the EU has regulations about notifying customers when a product contains potentially hazardous materials, with warnings not to touch the drivers with bare hands.
I jokingly asked my dealer if I should refrain from listening at high volumes, that it might vaporize the beryllium, funny thing, he thought I was serious!
The speakers arrived two days ago safely.  I created my own MSDS sheets and had the shipper put the appropriate safety labels on the cartons.  
Thanks to all who offered advice.  
After many headaches I am now happily sitting and listening to my new (to me) Harbeth 40.1's.  They say that nothing worth anything in life comes easily.   
Hello there 

Currently i have the same problem for my harbeth 40.2 shipment. Tnt is asking for msds. Could you please help me to send the msds you prepare for shipment?

Really appreciate