Any Neko Case fans?

I admit I'm new to Neko but just purchase (4) of her lps. The 1st one I listened to was "Canadian Amp". I was blown away by her vocal interpretation of these songs and by her vocal ability. In some ways similar to Jenny Lewis but I think Neko is on another level personally. Just finished "Blacklisted" and am ready to put on "Middle Cyclone".
I'm a Neko Case fan. I think between CD and vinyl, I have everything she's ever done.
On first listen to "Middle Cyclone" I'm unimpressed with the sonics as compared to the other (2) I mentioned.
Furnace Room Lullaby is very good with haunting emotional lyrics. Its the only one of hers I have and would like to find another to try. Which of the three you have is your favorite?
Don't forget she provides vocals for the "New Pornographers". Much more 'Pop' but still worth a listen. Good for road trips and commuting?
Big Fan
I have most of her CD's and have seen her twice live. If you get the chance you should check her out. Very interactive with the audience. Got to meet her after one of the shows. A very nice person with a voice to die for. One of my favorite songs: Deep Red Bells.
Not crazy about her, but Live from Austin Tx is a killer & also has excellent SQ.
What happened to "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"?

That one, for me, is her best.

I heard her on Prairie Home Companion last year and put her on my mental list of artists to check out. Can anyone recommend a couple of her CDs to start with?

My two favorite are:

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Middle Cyclone
I love her voice.
Fox Confessor is definitely my favorite.
I'll go against the crowd and recommend Blacklisted. I also LOVE The New Pornographers .
Love all of them, especially Fox and Cyclone. Just saw her in NY this week singing with Jacob Dylan on their new album. Her voice is like drinking cold water from a mountain stream. Crystal clear and soothing.
Another big fan here. My two faves are:

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Middle Cyclone

The live record is great too. I have all her stuff but not too keen on the New Pornographers.
Fox Confessor is on backorder but coming!