Any experience with Ohm Walsh Super Sound Cylinders?

Hi Folks,
I have been researching new speakers for a while and I am very interested in the new super cylinders from Ohm Walsh. As a matter of fact, I am very close to pulling the trigger on a version with the 10" driver (3000s driver). John S has been very kind and informative so far but wanted to know if anyone has any input.
Let me know what you think of your own Ohm Walsh speakers in general. Anyone with the Ohm 3000s or 2000s? How do you like your speakers? what do you like about them and what do you not like about them?
I have had the 2000s since the fall of 2009 - one of the earlier production pairs.  I have a full review posted in the review section, and have been active in the big Ohm thread -

I like the idea of round speaker cabs.  They make sense acoustically.  But I have zero desire to change from my 2000s to anything else under $10K that I've heard.   
Thanks for your BondmanP!
I actually did order them a couple of days ago. waiting for the veneers to show up and make the final decision.
I asked John S about the signature sound differences between a cylindrical enclosure vs. the cube/rectangular enclosures of the 2000s and 3000s and he said the cylindrical shape definitely increases the internal volume of the speaker without increasing the outside dimensions and the fact that enclosure could be made much thinner and lighter also helps. most importantly, I got a very good price break compared to buying the 3000s. I will keep everyone posted once I get them.