Hello. I recently came back from Italy, where I found a rare pair of original Minima FM2. I packed them well, put them in my luggage, and they miracolously arrived in perfect shape. As soon as I got back home I hooked them directly to my EAR 509MKII monoblocks, and I was blown away by their magic. I don't know what it is, but they produced music in a way that I rarely heard. Yes, they don't have low end. But boy what they do, they do it great. I think the magic comes from the justness in the timbre, and the sense of space and air offered by the high-end extension. But what really surprised me was the dimension of the soundstage from such a small speaker.

Has anyone had the same experience? Has anyone tried to add a sub? Serblin in his Stereophile interview argues against a sub, but the interview is old and sub technology has evolved big time. Thanks.

Yes you now have the vintage Sonus Faber bug! You found a gem. Lucky you! I personally think these original monitors built by Serblin are the best Sonus Fabers. I just added the Electa Amator MK I 's to my stable. They do all of the things you are talking about with more bass. Just incredile. I also own the Amati Homage and the Extrema and a set of Concertos. They are all special. But in my room the Electa Amators are the image champs. The Extrema should be, but it is harder to get set up to disappear in my space. The Amati's are very special, but without a very large room, they are not going to throw that huge sound stage like the monitors. Not at my home anyway. You have a pair of speakers you should never sell. Unless it is to me! :)

I had a pair of Extremas, and sold them because I did not have the right room for them (I am supposed to move to a bigger house in the near future but had no patience). In my room, the minima seem to have more magic. But the extremas are quite good. I drove them with a pair of EAR 509 monoblocks...perfect match. Ken Kessler, who raved about pretty much anything he reviewed from SF, in his system has a pair of Elipsa...I might try them when I move. Finally, I will experiment with a fast subwoofer (see my other thread). Thanks. Giovanni
I have had great success using a pair of REL Stentor II subs run in stereo off of the speaker level input. I could not part with my extremas when I bought the Amati's. Just too special. I moved them to my theater and I do belive they are the main reason movies and concerts are so emotional in my theater. I think they are worth more now than what I paid for them 10 years ago. I bought them used. Ken
Don't get me wrong, the extremas are great...just very needy. But one day or another, when I have the right room, I will buy them again.

What do the Amatis give you that the Minimas don't have?
The Amati's can play big, real big without dynamic compression. They bring the band into my listening room. The Electa Amator's can play big, but not nearly as loud without dynamic compression. But the Electa's can transport you to the recording venue. They just completely disappear and throw that huge sound stage where you feel you are in the room with the musicians during the recording. Maybe if my room was larger the Amati's could do this too. But I have never heard them do this. Both great speakers.