Radio Paradise - Superb User Supported Radio- so very grateful for it!

Just wanted to give another “shout out” for Radio Paradise. Big fan before... but, now that I can listen in full/Hi-Res through my Bluesound streamer, I’m in heaven.

For those of you who don’t know...Radio Paradise is a no-commercial/user-supported site...available via internet, Jriver ....etc. and now, in full res , via (at least) the Bluesound streamers. They have four channels available via my streamer... Main, Mello, Rock, and World Mixes.

Beyond enjoying endless hours of great music, I have discovered a lifetime worth of new music from listening to RP.... for this, I am eternally grateful. Their curation is absolutely outstanding too. I find that if I begin to tire of the current vibe...they soon expertly transition to another.

Only downside: That’s all my wife wants to listen to now ; )

Do yourself a favor and check them out...but, if you do end up a regular consumer, please, please, consider donating (even if $10 or $20 a year) so we can keep it going ....and keep it going commercial free!

P.S. It should be self-evident...but I am not associated with RP nor do I have any business or financial ties with them... just a very very grateful listener who wants to spread the word.

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BTW: Please report back...especially if you like it.
I have a NAD bluos streamer, RP is included, I'll have to give a try. Didn't realize had higher rez. 
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Radio Paradise is the best internet radio I have found. Most "internet radio" sounds like crap. RP does a really nice job of presenting both high quality audio as well as a good mix of music. +1 to making a donation if you listen regularly.
Hi guys...Thanks for the clarification.

re. Hi Res...I mean offers cd lossless quality via my BluOS streamer ...not sure some would consider Hi-Res...but not so sure about the integrity of those labeled such anyway. I say hi-res...meaning not bitrate constrained compared to cds. 

Bottom Line...sounds as good as my cds...and much greater fidelity than typical reduced bitrate of Internet radio.
Yeah I wouldn't classify is as high rez but its good.  The curation is top notch.  I been a listener and financial supporter for years.  Bryston even has an app for it in the Manic Moose software albeit it needs some work.  Phone app works good.  There is even a Rokue app that I listen to through my AV setup that sound really good and plays Red Book quality.
Jbuhl... I think you used the best phrase...Redbook Quality.  Thanks for that.
Yeah what big Greg said.  If you use Jriver there is a FLAC stream link as well.
Plus there is the super cool HD picture slide show.  The pictures are from listeners sending in.  Most of the pics are phenomenal. 
Plus #2 is you can download hours of music onto your phone.  I drive a lot of remote places so it is extremely convenient. 

My biggest issue with Radio Paradise is every time I go to turn it off, I turn it up.
Reminds me of old time FM radio in its golden days back in the early 70s except with no background noise and CD quality sound. 
Radio Paradise is just wonderful.  Such a great selection of music, beautifully curated, no adverts, great sound, and a lovely community of users too.  Worth every penny of your voluntary donation.
RP world station is just crushing it tonite. Funky Turkish DJ mix into Dr. John into Kashmir from No Quarter. Been like this for 2 hrs. Outstanding. 
Best streaming radio I have found.