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Originally I had Audioquest Crystal (original series) and decided to move on to a Double Biwire of the Crystal 2. Immediately the sound stage improved and felt for the first time that I could actually hear all the music. After getting my hands on some MIT 330 Series interconnects (and loving the effects this had for my low end) I decided to give some MIT Terminator 2 cables a try. Really liked the results feeling the mid-range all of a sudden popped out of my speakers but did not find the sound stage as complete as the Crystals so the search continued. Then I discovered Transparent. These cables changed everything. It seems to bring the best of all the cables I have tried to my speakers. The sound stage was everywhere, very fast, tight mid range and a fantastic low end even with my smaller K.5 Snells. Theses cables are expensive, but are worth it. Try to find some used ones.

I have heard many arguments not to by network treated cables such as the MIT and Transparent. With the Transparent they are wrong, theses cables help my mid-fi gear sound fantastic.

Associated gear
Denon AVR 4800
Denon POA 5200
Pioneer Elite DV-C36
MIT 330 Series II interconnects
Snell K.5 / Jamo Stands

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Glad to hear it. I love my Transparent cable. A lot of this is system/listener dependent. Glad it worked for you!
I completely agree with Dhaymond! I followed the same way for my Magnepan MG-IIIa: Audioquest Type 2, later BiWired with the Type 4, then I tried many "great" cables (MIT, Van Del Hul, Siltek) and I found a pair of Transparent MusicWave Plus. Everything became magnificent! Since I use a pair of Transparent MusicWave Super and I became a happy audiophile (YES that exists deep ans beautiful bass on Magnepan without subwoofer). Thus, please, do not hesitate in spite of the used price, it is less expensive than to acquire a new tube preamp, to change speakers or to buy a high-end subwoofer.
I agree that the Supers offer an excellent level of performance within the Transparent product range, They are probably at the "hinge" of the price for performance offered, since Ultra and above offer exceptional performance, but at a price that can make the Gods cry.
Transparent is about to offer some of the "Opus" technology in there other products. I already have the new Super Balanced interconnect, and can tell you that it's a total killer between my Levinson 360 DAC and my BlueCircle AG3000 Pre-amp.
Transparent have reworked the cable geometry, as well as the filter networks, and in doing so have raised the bar sonically.
The resulting sound is open, focused and retains the stealth supreme strength in the bass. The big change seems to be in the realm of the front to back layering of the presentation, which at times can be almost spooky.
If the new Super is a barometer for the other OPUS influenced products, this is gonna be very popular stuff for them.
Be warned, the break in time is high. The first 50 hours are a bit of a roller coaster ride. It settles after that.
I agree that the Non-XL Transparent MW Super are excellent speaker cables and given its moderate used price of around $500/pr for 8', it is a stone cold bargain versus others at this price level. Compared against JPS SuperConductor+ BiWire (excellent cables), it offers a cleaner, more extended sound with better definition and musicality. I have found them to match poorly with Transparent interconnects (flat and muddy sounding).

Transparent's non-XL interconnects (Super, Ultra and even Reference) are deeply disappointing cables. They sound unnatural, congested and veiled for such expensive cables. Compared to Nordost, Synergistic (only x-series) and NBS cables at the same price range, they are not worthy competitors. Even budget cables like Acoustic Zen sound more natural, clean and detailed. The only worse name-brand cables I have tried are from Cardas.
I have found the Transparent cables smooth out the sound of my equipment. The bass to my maggies is warm and the mid and highs are wonderful. Image is also better.
I found all (the speaker,cd interconnects,and balanced cables from preamp to amp) used and at a great discount. Still not cheap but I would have paid twice the price for them!Thats how much I like them. They are great! You can really hear a diffrence with them.
I also like the Transparent speaker cable.I'm most familiar with the Reference Series speaker cables.
The only thing that you might want to look out for is that the Transparent (circa 1996) removes some texture from images, and puts a kind of "force field" around images that causes them to not "bloom" outwards, towards the listener. It's a highly precise cable, but the energy of the music seemed "contained" within the soundfield. That might have changed, but I spoke to someone today and their take on it was similar. It is still very good cable, but in my (old)system (Avalon Eclipse and Audio Artistry Dvorak speakers; Modulus, Convergent SL-1, Versa Dynamics 2.3 turntable, Van den Hul grasshopper and Clearaudio Signature cartridges; Bel 1001 Mk I and II amps; VAC Renaissance 70/70 and 30/30; Plinius SA-250;Metaxas Solitaire (what a nice amp! Too bad it never really made it over here!)) I wanted more harmonic bloom [overtones, decay of cymbals/triangles/glockenspiels, etc.], which is more a trait of the upper end MIT series cables. However, the olderMIT speaker cables and interconnects (circa 1996) were less transparent (no pun intended) than Transparent Audio's line of cables (except for the interconnects! Man, they were cloudy! I couldn't get them to sound good no matter what!).
I realized that Transparent sort of thinned out images (that reduction of full textures in each image) so that one could see "through" the soundfield to the back walls. Nothing to cause harm, though. Just what it "sounds like." It was very clear, but not sensuous and rich, as MIT was. On the other hand, MIT electronics (Spectral) were exactly what the name implied: spectral, as in "whitish," so I can see why the had a cable that made up for the (traditionally) lightweight sound of Spectral electronics, a sound, that, I understand, continues even now.
Still, the Transparent brings back nostalgia in me.
Ok guys, The MM new model is better than any previous cable from them. Saying that they have always been terrific.
I just purchased the new MM super bi-wire and found them to be really nice. I was questioning my purchase and decided to move up one step to the Ultra bi-wire MM. I found the difference to be on the next level of performance. Both cables are great and if your budget allows I would go the next step as the sound is worth the money not to mention the look of the those Ultra networks.
Who know well the Super bi cable Transparent cable 1235 and price? please let me know some ideas. Because I'm going to buy this speaker pair .
Thank you.
i just bought new Focal Scalas and a pair of Air Tight ATM-3's (110 wpc EL 34) amps.

i've been using Transparent Music Wave Ultra XL from 1998. Should I consider getting some new speaker cables, maybe an upgrade from Transparent but not the Reference ...too $$$$? Any suggestions on a good match for these amps and speakers?
I just picked up 3 Transparent Music Wave Super speaker cables. I now have two for my Wilson WP7's, and one for my Watch center. These replaced Signal silver reference cables. The sound is amazing. The instruments are in a quiet background. They do multi layer the soundstage in a way the Signals were unable to.I now have the warmth that I didn't have before with the Wilson's.