Any Audiophile Fuses UL approved?

Does anyone know if any brands of Audiophile fuses (SR,Audio Magic etc?) are UL approved. Equipment can be repaired but don't want to burn down my house.
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PADIS fuses are UL, SEMKO and PSE approved for use worldwide. I can't vouch for any of the other fuses though.

My only caveat for PADIS fuses are that they tend to impart a darkness to the sound. It's really easy to hear. 

Technical notes:

  • The PADIS fuses are extremely resistive and completely antimagnetic.
  • The caps of the backups are made of pure copper, rhodium-plated directly without nickel barrier and have no embossing, to reduce the contact resistance by making use of the maximum surface area.
  • The construction of the PADIS fuses is extremely well controlled resonance, the self-resonance frequencies are far into the mega heart range.
  • The PADIS fuses have a peak power of 1ns to 1500A.
  • This keeps this valuable backup even when extremely high inrush currents, equal to which value to secure it effectively has.
  • The PADIS fuses guarantee an absolutely perfect transient response and produce no not harmonic distortion.
The above is translated from German so that accounts for the oddness of the wording.

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Isoclean and Furutech are UL approved.
Thanks for the helpful information. I will check these out
Don’t be tricked into the myth of “audiophile fuses”. 
^^^ go measure something & let us drink our snake oil...
Littelfuse products are UL approved, they sound every bit as good as hyperbole laden "audiophile" fuses, perform flawlessly, and cost about 2 bucks.
NASA uses advanced fuses for space missions. Why not audiophiles? NASA does not (rpt not) use stock Littelfuse fuses. Be all you can be. 👩🏻‍🚀
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I do know that when my new KT88 amp gets here before I even fire it up all the fuses will be swapped out for something better but not crazy...
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Technically the fuse does not have to be safety tested by UL. For electrical safety it should be tested by an NRTL recognized testing laboratory though.

NRTL recognized testing laboratories