Any Art Deco table or floor model Radios out there?

I have collected, more in the past, wonderful looking art deco radios.  Can you share any photos of yours?

The picture is an example, not one I am lucky enough to own.  
Whoops, photo wouldn't load. 
I have many, which I collected mainly during the 1990s. To me the appeal of antique radios derives from what I consider to be an essentially unique combination of aesthetic, historical, and technical factors. Not to mention that many of the better radios produced during the 1930s, when well restored, will provide better sound quality and station getting ability on the AM band (and in some cases on the shortwave bands) than just about anything made today.

The photos at the following link are just a fraction of my collection:[email protected]/albums/72157624298174513

-- Al

Thanks Al, 

Wish I lived next to you so I could visit and see your wonderful collection in person. 

Best, Jim
Jim I used to buy tubes from this gentleman in CA.....he restores and sells antique radios enjoy!
I think I am beginning to think like George Burns did.  His home was featured in Architectural Digest, and the writer asked him what he liked in furnishings,  George said "I like to surround myself with things a little older than myself, and it's getting hard as Hell to find furniture"