Tube table top radios

Do you know of anyone selling tube table top radios? Couldn't find any searching the net.

Would like one on the kitchen counter and one next to my bed.

eBay has a category devoted to tube radios, as a sub-category within Collectibles/Radio-Phonograph-TV-Phone/Radios. As you'll see, several thousand sets are typically offered at any given time.

Also, check out the site of Antique Radio Classified. Among other things that will be of interest, the "Links" link at the left of their home page will lead you to the sites of many collectors and small businesses offering these things for sale. Also, the "Subscriptions & Books" link at the left of the home page will lead you to a listing of many books and price guides devoted to antique radios, which you may find of interest.

There are also many sets listed for sale in the classified ads that appear in each month's issue of Antique Radio Classified, although the ads are available to subscribers only, via the web or in their printed publication. There are far fewer listings, though, than in pre-eBay days, when ARC was THE place to buy and sell these things.

I am an antique radio collector myself, focusing primarily on sets from the 1920 to 1946 period. It's a fascinating field, that is of interest from historical, technical, and aesthetic standpoints.

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Check out the SQ units at Quest for Sound. These are current production models designed by Steve Monte at QFS with a very nice retro look. About the size of a standard toaster. Great sounding.
I got all of mine on ebay. The coolest looking ones are the black dial Zeniths from the 1930's. It always amazed me that at 80 years old they still sound great!
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Bbro - It's my preference to buy knew. I've had my eye on tube radios at Quest for sometime. However, I've tried ordering one of these several times in the past and have been told they're not available. I'm certainly going to try them once again.

Purchasing used from ebay is possible. However, I do have concern about buying something that breaks down and then having to find someone to repair, or even finding correct tubes..
They may not be available due to failure issues. Look at the end of the 6moons review. Sounds like buyer beware.. Too bad, they look great.
If you want new and are taken by 60s nostalgia, I can recommend the solid state Tivoli Model One radio, which is a dead ringer for the KLH table radio that everyone owned in the 60s. After looking at them in other people's homes for years, I just bought one for our kitchen. It's great.

Yogiboy, I used to listen to The Lone Ranger on a black Zenith tube radio, when I was a child in the early 50s. I never realized it dated back to the 30s.
01-23-12: Lewm
I used to listen to The Lone Ranger on a black Zenith tube radio, when I was a child in the early 50s. I never realized it dated back to the 30s.
Lew, you might find this page to be of interest. Note that each set can be clicked on to expand the photos and for more information.

If it was a tabletop set where the height was significantly greater than the width (referred to as the "tombstone" style), it was almost certainly from the 30's. If it was wider than it was tall, it may have been from the 40's or from the late 30's.

The 1930's black dial Zeniths are very popular with collectors.

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I've had 2 of the tube radios (in walnut) from Quest, 1 mono and 1 stereo, since they first came out. Neither has given me a hiccup of a problem. Maybe some batches of them afterward had issues, who knows. I have heard of people not using the proper input tube (6n? or 6f?) with bad results. I've used many brands of the el84 output tube and they all work fine.

Our stereo one sits in my wifes craft room and goes unused most of the time lately. If you can't find any for sale, I might be able to persuade her to let go of it.
Dear Al, You've sent me off looking on ebay for art deco style tube radios. I even considered bidding on one, but I know nothing about the value system. I love tubes and I love art deco style, so it's a natural for me. I really liked a Crosley tabletop radio with a huge dial that looks like an airplane propeller. Maybe not art deco, maybe 50s kitsch, but way cool. Too bad I already bought that Tivoli for our kitchen (the cobalt blue with cherry wood version is a perfect match for our kitchen tiles and cabinets, respectively), but I could use a radio in my basement workshop.
Hi Lew,

There are a number of good price guides that are available for these things. The most widely used one, which is also probably the most comprehensive, is the Slusser/Radio Daze Guide, which in its early editions was known as the Bunis Guide. It is available here, as well as from many other sources at various prices (mostly higher). It includes a great many nice pictures and useful information, as well as valuations.

I've found its price guidelines to generally be pretty accurate, with the exception of a few rare and valuable kinds of esoterica, such as what are known as "catalin" plastic sets.

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-- Al
Almarg and Lew,
Radio is a great site. It will give you the year of production and lots of information on just about any radio made.
Thanks all for bringing the world of vintage tube radio to my attention - I'll check out above recommendations!