Antique Sound Labs?

How would these amps compare to C-J, VTL,Cary or others in the same price range?
I don't think you can really compare them in the same "price range" because the AS amps are about 1/3 of the cost of the equivalent CJ or Cary amp. The AS 845 monoblocks are $3000, and the Cary 805C is $9000. Obviously, the AS amps are not going to be as well-made or as sophisticated sounding. On the other hand, they are probably a great place to start if you are new to tube amps or on a more restricted budget. Reviews in the Absolute Sound, Listener, and have all been very positive.
I just purchased an ASL MG Head-phone amp and it sounds great on Sennheiser HD600's, very quiet, no tube noise and deep rich bass. It doesn't sound like a Cary component and the build quality isn't to Cary standards, kinda like comparing a Chevy to a BMW as far as fit n finish. From what the dealer tells me it should be a reliable unit and last a long time. Basically the ASL line is good stuff but not top of the line. I'm delighted every time I look, touch, and listen to my Cary amp. That's worth something too, called pride of ownership.