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Looking for info,reviews or hands on, on the The Wave AV-8 tube amp from ASL. Like sound characteristics and reliabilty. May be a great deal for 120ea.
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I bought a pair and for $240 they are amazing. Really nice midrange, tuneful deep bass and a clean top end. Within there limits you can't go wrong. I'm using them for a second system and have been very happy. Get the one with the grill covers, also you will be very surprised at the build quality. The only reason they must be selling these is to drum up good PR for Antique Sound Labs. They can't be making any money on these. Best-Gary

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Amps Preamps > Thread 989806587 you'll be surprised rather than disappointed. kurt
Go to and search. I believe there is a review or two on Wave + some threads. I am eying on their 1006 and Fox series, too. Ken