Antique Sound Labs Wave 8 s

Has anyone tried these tube amps?
Can they be taken seriously at $99 a piece?
Seems like a bargain if you want to try tubes.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Very low power. Might make good headphone amps or you better have speakers with about 105db efficiency.
this question was raised on 5-4-01 Thread 989028142. guess i was the only reply, then.
I'll disagree with Su2618. Although low powered, these amps are able to push my Paradigm Phantoms (older bookshelf models) to a fairly high volume. I've seen specs on my speakers that range from only 89db to 91db efficiency. They probably wouldn't run a pair of maggies very well but i'm VERY happy with their performance so far in a second system I have. I recommend spending the extra $20 per amp to get the tube covers and the removable power cord. The tube cover greatly enhances the appearance.
ditto, ubetit. using mine on cerwin-vega DX-7's and they were talkin back with authority. i opt'd for the covers and iec cord jack, also. thinking of getting another pair to bi-amp each channel to my snells K2s. kurt