Jolida 202a versus Antique Sound Labs Typhoon

On the surface these appear to be quite similar. I am interested to hear some opinions as I am relatively new to audiophile/tube components.
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Jolida most likely won't blow up. Just kidding...sort of.
The Jolida will still be running a month from now.

Not kidding.
So the consensus would be to avoid both of them??

I have found good and bad reviews of either so it's difficult to make heads or tails of it. I could drop $600 on a new SS amp.

A guy in my area is selling the typhoon for $500...
I think you'd be fine with Jolida. I just purchased a small Jolida tube integrated for my bedroom system (JD102B). It's really quite nice sounding. Jolida's been around ten or more years and has a pretty good track record of safety and quality control. This is my second Jolida piece; I had the first one for 2 years with no problems.