Anticables, Morrow Cables SP1 or PNF Cables

These are all roughly the same price – any opinions as to which would be more suited to large orchestral works with bi-wired Quad 11L bookshelf speakers?

I find that the Quads seem struggle with passages of music which involve dense orchestration. Which of these speaker cables might help “open” the sound a little?
try the morrows, i've got the sp4s which are stunning also there is a 60 day trial period, can't go wrong.Tried the anticables, was like night and day
Thanks Dart - what system are you using? Do you mean anticables was like night and day > than your earlier cables, or that anticables was < than the morrows?
I also have the Morrow SP4's, they are absolutely incredible for the money. I tried them against a number of brands in that price range.

Morrow cables are highly dynamic and open sounding.
I still have Anti-cables here. Both speaker and ic's. Now I am using Morrow SP4 and MA3 with the MA4 coming to replace the MA3 ic's. I highly recommend you try a Morrow SP1 and if you like them start moving your way up. Or better yet just save up and cut through the chase and go for the SP4. These will not dissapoint you. The Black background, layering and great microdynamics of the SP4 will make orchestra music sound more unrestricted. Not that one cable will remove all congestion but these cables can help a bunch.
Having anti-cables for a year now,just fine,YMMV,Bob
I would HIGHLY recommend PNF Audio. I've tried so many different cables, I can't even remember them all. When I started using PNF, the merry-go-round stopped! I've never heard any cable that performs at the same level as the PNF stuff does and I've had them in my system for a couple fo years now. The combination of their Symphony speaker cables and the ICON interconnects is the most musical, articulate and truthful sound I've ever found and that's with lots of different components. If you spend more, you're just buying jewelry.

With your Quad monitors, the Symphony should work well, and PNF can set them up with biwire ends if you want (although, my personal recommendation is to do dual runs of cable if you want to REALLY bi-wire, but that's another discussion). All I can say is, if you try them, let them break in a bit, you'll be glad you did!
Dogmcd, looks like you have sold your PNF cables already?
Another vote for Morrow Audio. I have both the 3's and 4's ( speaker cable) and they are both a HUGE value. Mike is also a bigtime audiophile and has helped me with some projects along the way.
I recently purchased Morrow's MA4 Interconnect and out of the box they were a huge improvement (in every dimension) over my existing IC's which I thought were near high end quality.
Kck, the set of PNF cables I sold was an extra pair that I wasn't using. Wanted to see someone get the benefits from them. I just went to a different configuration. I may have some of the Precision A IC's available in the near future as well as I rpelace them with ICON's.
Another vote for Morrow. I have the SP$ and MA4, both are exzcellent, neutral, detailed , with no added colouration. Briefly chatted with Mike at RMAF, which he was visiting as a civilian, like me.
Morrows... especially the 3 or 4 series... but be sure to give them a complete break-in time... I cannot emphasize that enough imho,

:) listening,