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Acoustic Zen Crescendoe MK2 and Stillpoints
I might try the ultra5s as i might have access to them later on. I've noticed on the net that different speakers weren't so good on the ultra ss but came good with the 5sThe Gaias appear to be just sobothane, i might be wrong 
Love to hear from current owners or past users of Isoacoustics Gaia footers.
geoffkait which stillpoints did you try 
Acoustic Zen Crescendoe MK2 and Stillpoints
Hi WigWhich stillpoint did you use 
Amp for Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 ?
they respond really well to biwiring 
Is it possible to connect analogue radio to oppo
Thanks all i think i might just get a cheap pre with remote 
Amp connecter to biwire
Hi BobI already have the cables which are high end and factory terminated with bananas and i don't want to chop them.Those Cardas terminals look like the jobThx Brett 
Amp connecter to biwire
Really i just need a high quality spade to banana connector. That would be spade to amp with female banana to accept speaker cable male banana 
Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker crossover capacitors ... who makes them?
Hi Grannyring i have the MK2s and would be very interested in doing these mods into outboard crossovers. Do you have pics of the original c/os as you mentioned they were upgraded to MK2. I could compare them to mine. For some reason i can't view t... 
Help With Spectron Amp
Thx everyoneAll is good in the camp. I removed the transformer shipped it in a smaller box making it feasible and spectron will ship it back to me at their expense. All is good 
Help With Spectron Amp
yes that's the cheapest one, it's from nz post, dhl is $1200, i have the quotes confirmed by email 
Help With Spectron Amp
I bought this one directly from spectron 
Help With Spectron Amp
Yes I have consulted Simon various and he's not much help to me there 
Do Mono Block amps provide better sound ??
For me going from one spectron to monos is a huge plus 
Here comes the Dude. What to expect?
Can one of the owners of the dude tell me what brand of caps are used withinthx