Anthem STR Preamp & Pass Labs XA 30.8 vs Micromega M100

Looking for some advice from those who have experienced the sound of each system. I have heard of outstanding reviews of Micromega products along with Pass and the new Anthem Preamp. Since both would have room correction, which system would outperform the other. I will also be integrating a subwoofer into the system with my speakers (Kef LS50's). My music enjoyment spans the entire gamut from Pop to Jazz and Classical. 
Thanks for you insights!
What aspects of stereo performance and sound reproduction are most important to you?  I know @audiotroy is one of the few familiar with Micromega products so hopefully he’ll chime in here.  Is there a reason you’re requiring room correction, and does it need to reside inside the preamp?  Just asking because it obviously seriously limits your preamp choices. 
TAS compared the100m to the pass 60.8 I believe in the July19 issue, I know they are different animals but may offer you some comparison but then the preamp may change everything.
I like a rather warm sound rather than bright. Also, my room is quite challenging thus the room correction. 
Op it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

We sell the Anthem STR and we sell Coda amplifiers which are direct competitors to the Pass and have a similar sound signature with the Coda being a tad less warm and offering generally more power for less money.

We also sell the Micromega M100.

In terms of an all in one, the Micromega is a fantastic piece with a very engaging warm and punchy sound, the room correction is subttle.

The Anthem STR has a more effective Room correction with the ARC.

As a preamp the STR is quite decent, we have used the combo of the STR with the Coda .8 and it is a great sounding combination.

The matching Anthem STR is a good clean power amplifier the Coda is a more envolving sound. 

So we would say if the additional budget doesn't bother you then Anthem STR preamp along with a good power amplifier will sound great, if you are looking to save space and money the MIcromega is an absolutely terrrific piece. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Anthem, Coda dealers
I love my Micromega M100, however getting them to help me fix my LAN is another story........actually no story at all, they don't reply.
I am very happy with my micro mega M100. XLR input sounds great. Even Bluetooth sounds good on tidal masters. Nice bass with good midrange.   Compared to a devialet d220 it sounds a little warmer.  Not as warm as tubes.  It has a good balance and really shines when you turn it up a little bit.  Overall it’s a great piece.  Compact and great sounding.