Rotel RCD1072 / Cambridge Azur640C / Micromega CD3

I´m considering the replacement of my old CD player and I´ve limited my choice to these three CD players:

-Rotel RCD-1072
-Micromega Minium CD3
-Cambridge Audio Azur 640C

Please, any comments about the sound of these players will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I can only comment on the Rotel, since that is the only one I've tried in your list. It is, in my mind, a great player. I'm fairly happy with every aspect of it in my system. I don't even know how it compares in price to the others listed above, but I do think that at 700 dollars retail, it is an excellent buy.
The reviews are out there and many will like one vs. the other. All are decent for the money but you need to pair them with the equipment you will be using as each will sound a bit different depending on the amp of course. I think the Rotel is a fine player at fleshing out the musics message. Others may perfer other players based on how they listen. Listen to the music first and foremost! Good luck!
I'd agree the Rotel 1072 is a good value. I've since upgraded but still listen to it from time to time. However, if you have the chance to audition the Jolida tube CD player. I believe it lists at around $900 (so a little higher in price). But it has good detail and is the most musical CD player I've heard under $1k. I haven't heard the other 2 on your list.