Amps for Def-Tech Mythos STS or ST's??

I just bought a pair of new Mythos STS, and am wondering
what to run them with. I have in mind for right now
going with an integrated of some sort.
Purchased a cheap Yamaha receiver to hold me over while I save a few more bucks.

Something like a Jolida 1501 RC...or??

Any suggestions would be of great help. Budget for now,
around $ $650-1k max. And remote is a must.
IMHO, you want a warmer amp for the Def Techs. The Jolida might be a good match, especially with the tube preamp section. Also, you can audition these:
NAD C-355BEE (~$700)
Rotel RA-1520 ($?)
- And don't forget the used market here on A-gon!
If you've researched the STS, you know that Sandy Gross, owner of Definitive had Wes Philips of Stereophile over to his place to listen to the STS connected to the Cayin A-50T integrated. This is outlined in the review of the STS. I would keep my eyes on the classifieds for an A-50T.
The Absolute Sound paired these speakers with a Naim Nait 5i integrated. My buddy run his with the same amp with great success. Them being 93db you don't a lot of power.
Thanks guy's all good info. The Yammie is not cutting it.
I'm going with a 1501 RC and an Rega Apollo.

Thanks again,