Argentum Acoustics Mythos ICs anyone?

Robert Levi gave these high praise in his review. Anyone heard them? Comment on their sound? Strengths? Weaknesses?

Happy with my Kimber KS-1011s RCA from CDP to pre. Looking for RCA for pre to amps but cheaper than another set of KS-1011s, which are beyond my budget.
Since nobody has responded about the new unknown,
keep in mind that if Joe Mazzaglia auctions off either version of his Auricle Audio Design Encore IC's take the gift and run.
Even at his original (bargain) retail price, fabulous value due to meticulous, unique construction.
Carries all the music and emotion your system (unspecified) can deliver, as I have tested it with a variety of equipment.
I did a search on these and an owner somewhere commented that they were somewhat bright/revealing and certainly not giant killers. The fact that Positive Feedback gushed over them but nobody else knows much about them or has great things to say is a warning sign to stay away. The simple reason...if you don't like them you would have a hard time selling them. And I don't think Argentum is offering a 30-day or 60-day trial period like a lot of cable companies.
Listener57 - thanks for the hot tip. will keep an eye on the auctions.

Mcondon - thanks for the warning. i am afraid you may be correct. too bad. i was looking for something better than the Kimber Heros but not overly expensive for a 4m pair. i was hoping these would be it.