amps for a new Jmlabs Be altos

With so many choices I'm going crazy first I thought because some people think that the utopias are bright I thought tubes ASL hurricanes deHavilland Aries 845G Then I see alot of talk on D amps Spectron Acoustic Reality Now maybe I am thinking main stream like pass labs 250 I"ve got 4-5000 to spend on monos but what the altos are 92db efficient supposedly my room is 15x16 I want to ran my granite audis 657 straight though the amps it has it,s own volume control this is a tube cd player sounds great by the way. Is their help out there.
You don't need monos. The Acoustic Reality eAR2 will blow you out of the room if you so desire. I sold my Pass labs for the eAR. It is so much faster, clearer, and it's bass is wow!

A local dealer uses a Conrad Johnson tube pre amp with the 2500a solid state amp on the JM lab speakers or one of the tube amps. Currently I'm using a Herron tube pre amp and the Herron M150 mono solid state amps with my JM Lab Mini Utopia speakers. I think the sound is very musical with a low and tight bottom end and excellent mid and uppper end. Some have said the JM lab speakers can sound a little bright and/or thin so picking a musical source and amplification really helps. Some folks have recommended staying away from the Pass and Plinius gear with these speakers but or course those are just opinions and I don't have any first hand experience with those two companies.
I started out using my Alto Be's with all tube equipment.I had the Graff GM 100 and Klimo Merlin.I substituted first the Graff with Chapter Audio Chapter11 and was blown away with the difference.So,next I tried the Chapter Audio Preface Preamp, instead of the Klimo.Again,everything increased-the detail,soundstage,bass extension.With state of the art electronics the Alto will leap to the head of the class.