jmlabs DIVA

Has anybody heard the new DIVA'S by JMLAB and what is your do you think it compares with ALTO.
thank you
I have the exact same question ... unfortunately I don't have the answer... perhaps like you I love the Alto, but I am not sure I can justify 17K for the speaker. On the other hand I could more easily accept the cost of the Diva, but I am not sure how it will compare. I am surprised that we have not seen any english editorial reviews yet, since it has been released.

Incidently, for all it's worth, I posted a similar question on audioasylum and got one negative response:

I guess another possible consideration could be the limited edition 25th Anniversary Electra Be 937, which uses a modified Be tweeter (same dome, but different magnet etc). Perhaps, this will be another way to get closer to the elusive Alto without spending 17K.
I listened to the Diva`s a couple month`s ago and was very impressed. I didn`t know if JM Lab could pull off a speaker w/ side fireing 8 inch woofers such as Audio Physics. I beleive allot of thought went into the diva, although the diva`s did not have the bottom end punch I did feel it did display great depth in the soundstage. Cj tubes were used in the system. I do have a pair of mezzo`s so I can honestly say JM Lab has done a good job this time. They have designed a nitch speaker for a smaller space were a monitier just won`t cut it. David