Decision Time: revel F32's or JMLabs Electra 926

Well I need to replace my Infinity Kappa 7's and have been waiting for the Revel Perfomas all new F32. I was set to go on the Electra 926 or 936. Has anyone seen or heard both. My dilemma: The F32's are gorgeous, have an outstanding bass delivery (I mean deep and controlled) the tweeter seems a little too crisp not in your face but at times piercing. Note these may not be fully broke in yet.
The Electras are not as attractive but have a great detailed tweeter but the bass seems boomy at times, The sound stage on the Revels is outstanding, the Electras is good but not as. Would like some opinions form anyone that has heard both.
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What's the problem, sounds like you made up your own mind as you obviously prefer the Revels. Sometimes I think it is dangerous to audition too many speakers. Like you, I was set to go with the 936's ... then I heard the JMlab Alto Be's ... Now I want to A/B the Alto and 936, cause I am not sure I can justify the 4x cost ... Perhaps the limited edition 937 may buy me a bigger slice of the Alto Be.
Well Thom you are right I spent friday afternoon and sat morn listening one last time to the Vienna Acoustics Beethovens (the speaker I would have bought last year but job slowdown made me save my money)The Electras still boomy and saturday I plopped down the plastic on the Revels. I would encourage you to give them a listen.
See AVS Forum, looks like the Electras are about to be reduced in price ( Have you actually _heard_ the F32? I have found one dealer in Berkeley CA who has _just_ received a pair (4/10/04) but that's too far for me to drive with work being so busy.
Sorry, didn't read carefully enough. You have heard the F32s already. Where are you located (what major area)? I'm jealous that you've been able to hear them :-). I've heard the 926 and didn't think it was at all boomy in the bass. Sounds like room positioning and setup have a pretty major effect on perception of bass performance.
my vote, f32's

no comparison
i have had the opportunity to a/b f30's and 926's
i purchased the f30's without a second thought
i think the jm's do better as you go higher up the line
the bass is more present, tight and dynamic
why not go for used f30's? amazing speakers!
read the reviews- and on the used market here on audiogon you could get a great price!
just my thoughts
good luck
I listened to the F32s a couple of weekends ago and my experience was not very encouraging. They were harsh and metallic, listener fatigue set in very quickly. I
hope this was because they were just out of the box. The one area of improvement over the F30s is the bass - these babies go pretty low. I was looking to see if
there was a sub-woofer hidden behind the speakers.

I listened to a pair of M20s that had about 200 hours on them immediately after and these sounded so much more natural than the F-32s. As most of you who have
heard the M20s already know, these are no lightweights in the bass department either. I ended up buying the M20s.

Btw the F32s are smaller/slimmer than the F-30s. They have also have different drivers (grey-metallic colored) compared to the white mid/bass drivers on the M20,
F30. I hear Revel outsourced the drivers to another manufacturer for the new series. Haven't heard the M22s yet but I hear they are also considerable smaller than the