Amplification for Totem Forests

Any power recommendations for the Totem Forests? I am building a new system around these speakers after many years of being away from audio. I'd appreciate some help with recommendations on power+pre or integrated amps. No tubes. Thanks.
The Totem Amber. Incredible and rare integrated that is made to match the Forests. They sound wonderful together. I happen to know a guy who is selling one. Let me know if you would be interested.

Otherwise, Classe amps compliment Forests very well too.

Solid matches with the Forest would include;

Blue Circle DAR hybrid integrated
Totem Amber (as mentioned above)integrated
Sim Audio Moon I-7 integrated
Sim Audio Moon I-5 LE integrated
Karan Acoustics Ki-180 integrated (sublime match!)
Naim NAC 202 / NAP 200 pre/amp combo
Plinius 9200 integrated
McIntosh MA7000 integrated
Accuphase E-350 integrated
H2O Fire / H2O Signature 100 pre/amp combo

Plenty o' matches...

When I had the Forests I ran them using CI Audio D200's. They sounded just fine.