Totem Forests vs Hawks...which is superior?

I've owned both and want some feedback on which Totem sounds better to you fellow audiophiles! I thought the Hawks sounded pretty special and more present...the Forests sounded richer but more laid back. Any other opinions out there??? I would like to re-build a system around one of these speakers again!!
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Hey Dave_b, good to see you're going back to Totems (does this mean you're getting a Krell 400ix again?), When I first bought my forests I had actually meant to buy the hawks. Okay, I'm making it sound like the dealer didn't notice which box I got. I auditioned the hawks a number of times and was dead set on them. Then I went in on the day of purchase and the dealer was busy so I started listening to the forests which were set up playing Sonny Rollin's: Way Out West on an MMF-7, which is my vinyl source (sadly it must go to make way for a VPI) and a sim i-5. Well, it was no comparison. Seriously, I think the forest expands on the beautiful presence and imaging of the hawk, not to mention the sound is much fuller. Mind you, I don't think the hawks sound bad, but the Forests are the keepers IMO.
I was able to hear the Arrow through to the Forest all in one sitting (and demo'd by Vince Bruzzese himself).

I much prefed the Forest to the Hawks in all respects.

Of course, I absolutely loved the Arros, and they were more appropriate for my small (12x12) room size, so I went with those.

My suggestion is to just demo them yourself.
Just got a pair of winds in cherry...nothin wrong with the best right!! I will upgrade amplification later, currently NAD C352.
Well, I had this same dilemma. I listened to both on my same equipment for hours and hours. Cost being no object (or only a very slight object), I wanted to get the most pleasing sound to my ears. I was downspending from previously sold speakers so I had the money for either.

My observations: The Forests are bigger sounding, and play fuller deeper bass. They are more dynamic, and will fill a large room easier. A very good speaker. Switching back and forth to the Hawks, it was very clear to me that the Hawks had something very special going on. Not quite as deep bass, not quite as much detail on the very top, but oh the midrange. The 6db crossover slope makes these two drivers seamless. The midrange is so sweet and with a touch more presence than the Forests, I just couldn't help myself. Female Vocals are like nothing else I've heard on the Hawks. They are very dynamic at low listening levels as well. If you like it loud, or really like bass and sweet treble, (and have the power to drive them) go with the Forests, but if you can settle for merly "Very Good" in these two areas and exceptional in the midrange, then the Hawks are your choice. Both speakers are excellent though, and you can't go wrong with either.
Forests and Hawks are both very coherent, choose the one that chooses you!!
hawks and forests found alittle bright so opted for totem winds with my conrad johnson premiere 140 and audio aero capitole se mkii , directly connected to amp with cardas , beautifull for jazz , and voices
Winds sucked up all the power of my Krell 400cx amp....unless you can afford immense power, get the Forests!