Good Integrated for Totem Forests? Pathos?BAT?

So I'm looking to purchase an integrated amp to match my Totem Forests and was wondering what people thought. I have a Sony SCD-1 and Analysis Plus cables. I'm looking/looked at the following integrated amps but would consider others of course:

Balance Audio Technology VK-300XSE (havn't heard, but very recommended)
Pathos Logos (Loved the sound, is it powerful enough?)
Accustic Arts Power 1 (haven't heard, but reviews are great)
Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista (have heard briefly, but wonder about match w/forests)
Plinius 9200 (sounded unfocused and boomy IMO)
Simaudio Moon i-7 (just announced, but love simaudio/totem match)
YBA Passion Integre (only read reviews)

So your thoughts on these? Right now I'm leaning towards the Pathos and the BAT, but wonder if anyone has heard them w/Forests (or Proac D15s, which are similar). I wonder how much of the Pathos attraction is the look of it. Also, like that the BAT has a phono stage; is it any good? Also, for you forest owners, any thoughts on how much power you think they need to really shine?


Some general comments regarding the Pathos Logos ....

Beautiful product,isn't it ?Important to change the stock Sovtek 6922 tubes.The Electro Harmonix 6922 are better.The Siemens CCa and the Ei(Elektronska Industrija) Elite 6DJ8 goldpins the best I've tried so far.My favourite the Ei tubes..I use the balanced inputs.The Logos is a fully balanced design.Read up on the volume control...very interesting.Doubles watts into 4 ohms(110w to 220w) so should handle relatively difficult imp well.

How the Logos and the Totems will interact....I have no idea.I use Merlin VSM-MM speakers which is a very easy load and a high Q design,so I really dont need much power.The Merlin/Logos interaction is stunning ! I use Speltz Anti-Cable,single wire.

All the amps you mentioned are very well respected....your choice,enjoy !Perhaps you should also include the DK int amp and the Signature version of it,on your list.

If I change the Logos it would be for the Pathos INPOL 2 question.

I use a PLINIUS 8200 II with my Forests- very nice- Forests need lots of power. But you should listen 1st

I using a Sony TA-F808ES intergrated with my coincident conquests (very similiar to forests) , SCD777ES, and matching coincident cables.
the Sony TA-F808ES is a real impressive vintage peice(if you can find one.
I bought mine from a guy in Hong Kong.
I have had NAD 370, Plinius 8200 and Krell integrated.
the Sony has better sonics then all of them for my ears...
On the right path......BAT would be great, M-F tough to beat also, How about Mcintosh?? Krell will be fast and revealing. Plinius has had good reviews but I have not auditioned. Nor the Moon.

My 3 to audition = BAT, Mcintosh, M-F. you can't lose !!!
the totem forest speakers are one of their easier speakers to drive compared to their other models. I would audition the mcintosh ma6900, ma6500 (might be on the lower power side), classe, and the dk design vs1. i used to own the mcintosh integrated and just sold my classe seperates and went with the dk vs1 integrated to power my mani 2's, which need a lot more power to drive than the forests. so far, i am very pleased with the sound. i switched tubes and the unit is still breaking in.
good luck
i know you are going to get lots of opinions from lots of different people - so here is mine.

i used a musical fidelity tri vista integrated amp with my totem forests for about a year, and also with totem mani2 sigs for about 10 months. the performance of the forests with tri vista was absulutely stunning. i cannot recommend this combination highly enough. you can contact me directly for more details, but i LOVED this system.

the 'gon is swimming in used tri vista integrated amps right now - i'll bet you can get one for $3400 or so. give it a try. i doubt that you will be let down.